Feb 2, 2022

New Art Culture of Japanese Sex Dolls

In recent years, Japanese sex doll culture has shown a small trend, but with the popularity of the media, more and more people have begun to pay attention to physical dolls, but TPE sex dolls are still relatively hidden objects, so the first thing to consider is Ways to stay, connect with people, communicate and seclusion.

japanese sex doll

If you don't want to do pairing activities (most groups have co-op skydives, solo skydives, etc.). You can play with your sex doll! In addition to the privacy of the cardboard packaging of the sex dolls themselves, you can also use the sofa box provided by OkSexDoll to store the dolls. The weight of the realistic doll is about 25-38 kg. A simple artifact!

Let's see how the party goes. If you want to take pictures, you can dress up. Clothes are important, but I don't want everyone to know, because of communication and face issues.

Below are some examples of common strategies. Of course, the main communication role can be used as a reference. If you feel tired, you can rent a room alone!

1: I am obsessed with art right now. I don't want to be a model, I don't want to go into town to write!

2: I've recently become obsessed with photography. DSLRs are too expensive. In order not to embarrass your family, you should first test your suitability for the job with a TPE sex doll! Then you should buy a DSLR camera! Your eyes must be strong! You are the future!

3: My generation has a very poor sex ratio. The old man hung up the phone. Now we can say that men are on their way to dating. As a patriotic youth who is more interested in socialist construction, I decided to enter the teen sex dolls industry, so I want to buy one and go back to study!