July 22, 2021

What Knowledge is Needed to Buy Love Dolls?

Nowadays, realistic sex doll products are widely used in model photography, cosplay, companionship, sex dolls, etc. It has special significance for the education of elderly singles, divorce, separation between the two places, lonely elderly, disabled and young people. If you want to buy a love doll, you need to prepare in advance. Please tell me how to choose love doll. There are some details about tpe love doll or silicone love doll, you can choose to order production according to your requirements. How great!

For example, the main choices for the different parts of Aiwawa’s body structure are:
Love doll color: brown/wheat color/natural color/white, color can be customized.

Doll wig style, eye color, make-up selection according to the manufacturer, special head structure selection, etc. For example, the tongue. Different wigs have a variety of visual effects.

Skeleton selection, most manufacturers provide skull selection, we know that there are many kinds of skulls that dolls like! Breast fillings (such as TPE) can be divided into solid and hollow. The hollow feel is of course better, but the general recommendation is to use solid for small breasts.

Standing options: no standing or standing. However, we recommend that you do not leave it for a long time. If it is left for a long time, it is easily deformed.