Nov 01, 2021

Can I Sleep With A Doll?

Many people email me and ask: "Can I sleep with female sex doll?" We provide unified answers and important items to help more doll owners.

First of all, the answer is yes. You can sleep with the love doll, but depending on the material of the sex doll, you may need to use a different method. This is because different materials have different material properties, so you need to protect the appearance and keep the bed clean. Currently there are TPE dolls and silicone dolls on the market.

Of course, adults can choose what they want to do. Sleeping with sexy dolls depends on having a place to develop your libido. Sleeping with sexy dolls will not harm your surroundings. Whether you are sleeping or waking up, unless you have it, the sex doll is there. Sometimes, when you hug and sleep, the doll will give you a sense of security and comfort. There is something to snuggle, warm and beautiful. It is always there and fixed in place. Silicone dolls are stronger, softer to the touch and more heat-resistant. It is very flexible and can be easily bent to any position.

It’s no problem to hug it and then let it go, or let it hug it for a few hours. It is normal for your chest and thighs to deform slightly after a long hug, so please always pay attention to your weight. It will recover and return to its original state within a few hours. We recommend many pillows for your doll.

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Take TPE sex doll as an example. Due to the characteristics of the material (the characteristics of the material can refer to the article on the characteristics of TPE dolls and silicone dolls), it needs to be carefully taken care of. Most articles on the market say that it is easy to produce oil, so you need to clean and apply lotion before going to bed to keep your body clean. In addition, you also need to pay attention to protecting your body. She gets dirty easily, so sheets and other bedding should not fall off easily. If possible, choose something that is not too light.
You can sleep with the TPE sex doll, but you need to pose so that it will not harm your body and affect your beauty and lifespan.

For silicone dolls, sleeping together is a very good choice, the material is stable, there are no other special precautions, and the material is not easy to get dirty. However, she is very fragile, so you need to be careful with her movements so as not to tear her apart and hurt her.

Put on your silicone sex doll, put on sexy and charming erotic pajamas, she will be your best partner, inspire your sexual fantasies, and give you an unforgettable sex experience in bed. prize.
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