Aug 24, 2021

[Skin Care Products] Recommended for Sex Dolls

Hi everyone! Do you live a comfortable realistic sex doll life every day?

Last time I introduced the maintenance methods for real dolls, this time I want to introduce recommended skin care products that are useful for cleaning.

・Recommended product①: Baby powder
First of all, I would like to introduce the recommended baby powder.

Baby powder can be used not only after bathing, but also after removing dirt with cleansing oil.

Even during maintenance, the frequency of use will be high.

There are many types of baby powder, but "pure talc" products are suitable for doll care.

Yes. There are also baby powders that contain essence, silicone oil, corn starch, etc.

We do not recommend it because it has a unique smell and may dissolve TPE.

"Pure talcum powder" baby powder includes Johnson & Johnson's "baby powder" and "talcum powder" produced and sold by Kosaka Pharmaceutical.

In addition to selling in pharmacies, you can also buy online on Amazon, so please check it out!

sex dolls that look Like humans

・Recommended product ②: Vaginal cleaner
Next, I would like to introduce a vaginal cleaner that makes it clean and comfortable after H.

Compared with baby powder, it may be a product you are not familiar with, but it may be natural because the vaginal cleaner is a product made for women to clean the inside of the vagina during menstruation.

By using a vaginal cleaner, you can clean the vagina, anus, oral cavity, etc., which are difficult to clean only with a shower. There are many types of vaginal cleaners, such as an integrated water tank and a type using a PET bottle with a nozzle, but they can all be purchased at various mail-order sites.

・Recommended product ③: Cleaning brush
Finally, I would like to introduce a cleaning brush to keep the inside of the vagina cleaner.

Although it may not appear as a cleaning brush, it is a stick-shaped cleaning tool that is used when it is difficult to clean with tubes and ordinary sponges (such as PET bottles or water bottles).

You can use the vaginal cleaner described above to clean the inside of the vagina, but if it is lotion, dirt or stubborn

It cannot be completely cleaned by itself. This is also the most fragile part, so use a brush to clean it thoroughly.

It is recommended to use Sanguang's "Sparkling Narrow Mouth Wash Bottle" as an easy-to-use product.

By the way, in this article, we introduced recommended products for taking care of dolls.

With the products introduced this time, you can easily handle it, please refer to it.