July 16, 2021

Why Do so Many People Buy 100cm Life-size Sex Dolls

Many people may ask, why is there such a big difference in prices between different sellers for the same size of TPE sex doll? Some cheap dolls can be bought for a few hundred dollars, but there are also expensive lover dolls as high as more than 2,000 dollars. The most important reason is the quality of the doll.

This section introduces how to distinguish high-quality TPE love dolls from inferior TPE love dolls, and the characteristics of inferior TPE love dolls.

First of all, why all sellers use polymer TPE materials to make dolls, but the quality will be different? There are actually two reasons. The first is the difference in the production materials used. The other is the difference in the production process.

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The material difference of TPE sex dolls

First, let's talk about production materials. When making realistic sex doll, in addition to the TPE material, hydraulic oil, flavor, etc. need to be added. High-quality TPE dolls are generally made of high-quality TPE materials from Japan or the United States. The hydraulic oil uses mineral oil (koyu), the essence is also a high-end product, and the amount is very small for health.

On the other hand, inferior TPE dolls use inferior TPE materials, and hydraulic oil uses engine oil instead of mineral oil. And I use a lot of flavors to dilute the smell of inferior ingredients. "Because the TPE material is recyclable, many factories recycle scraps and scraps for reproduction. The quality of dolls made of this material is also very poor."

Since then, TPE love doll manufacturers with rich production technology and experience have a good grasp of the ratio of TPE and mineral oil, and the quality of real dolls is better than others.

Next, I will explain the difference between low-quality TPE love dolls and high-quality TPE love dolls. Determine your love doll based on these characteristics.

The first is smell. Inferior love dolls use inferior materials, so they smell like chemicals. Seriously, unpleasant odors may be difficult to eliminate over a long period of time. In order to cover up this unpleasant smell, the factory added a lot of flavors in the production process. If your love doll has a strong scent, it is likely that there is a problem with the material. The exquisite lover doll has a faint fragrance.

The second is oil. Factories with insufficient production experience do not have a good grasp of the oil ratio during the production process, so the love dolls produced produce a lot of oil. If your TPE doll is sticky, or the doll is covered with thick talcum powder when it is out of the box, this is probably the result of the oil that the factory has applied a lot of powder to cover up. Conversely, high-quality love dolls may also produce oil, but the oil output is definitely within an acceptable range.

Finally, from the perspective of mini sex doll leather, high-quality love doll leather is delicate, soft and elastic. Inferior TPE dolls have no dull complexion and look slimy.

In addition, price is also an important factor. Simply put, the price of high-quality TPE sex dolls is much higher than the price of inferior TPE love dolls.