Nov 18, 2021

The Guy is So Easy To Have A Girlfriend, But He Didn’t Expect The Other Person To Be A Robot Sex Doll

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With the development of today's society, the word "technology" has become the leading industry in all countries. With artificial intelligence dolls, robot sex dolls, artificial intelligence robot dolls, etc., professionals have also said that in the future, real human sex dolls should be created, all of which will be replaced by intelligent robot sex dolls. From this point, we can see that the current society is really slowly being replaced by "technology".

Everyone knows that Japan is, after all, a leading country in small R&D technology, but they have also found that there are more successes in the mobile phone world. Sony is the representative of Japan's mobile phones. It is said that Japan has developed a super-realistic simulation robot lover doll some time ago. This female robot lover doll can not see the details, shape, skin, hair, facial features, etc. of the robot from the outside. They are almost the same as real people.

When netizens saw this female robot, they all said that the beauty was overturned, and some netizens said that this female robot is the gospel of an otaku. And I heard that this female robot doll is designed according to the face shape. For example, you are the robot love doll that the customer wants to buy, as long as it can meet the customer's requirements. I also heard that the robot sex dolls are silicone sex doll with more than 200 joints, which can move freely and have many functions. They are not as hard as previous robots.

Don’t admire it, Japan’s research on this female sex doll should be the best in the world, right? This is Japan's innate advantage!