July 15, 2021

Do You Know What Type of Sex Dolls Are There?

Adult size sex dolls have different skin colors

At present, the skin color of realistic sex doll is the same as the world race, mainly divided into white (Russian, European white), ordinary (Asian yellow), black (African black), but according to customer requirements, there are pink, leprechaun, brown and other skin colors.

The styles of sexy sex dolls are very diverse

(1) Asian style
Asian-style sex dolls are mainly black, long hair, dark eyes, normal or white skin color, normal height, slim and chubby, buttocks are also functional, such as two-thirds normal.

(2) Western-style sex dolls
Dolls are mainly yellow hair, brown eyes, blue, white or brown skin, high nose, tall body, slim body, chubby, big breasts and big, of course Yochi is like a normal butt.

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(3) African and South American style love dolls
This cell Kkusudoru is mainly brown and black skin, slim to fat, perm, brown and green eyes, Yochi and Tits have features such as normal ass and big tits.

(4) Anime sex dolls
This kind of TPE sex doll are mainly sex dolls made by role-playing characters in Japanese anime, manga and games. It is characterized by very cute, big eyes, relatively small body, white and pink skin. And everyone has their own position. Among them, Rory is the most popular.

(5) Workplace sex dolls
Office girls refer to women in the company, especially women working in the office. This is a character wearing a normal suit. This is a character that often appears in Japanese AV videos. In addition, Japanese AV is also very famous in the world. Therefore, under the influence of various men in the world, such characters have become their delusional objects.

(6) Artist sex doll
Sex dolls like this look a lot like celebrities. It is often said that he looks like a celebrity. Celebrities will be seen on TV every day, and they will naturally fall in love with them. Especially female artists, very cute and beautiful.

(7) Pregnant women sex dolls
Pregnant women can also have sex during the safe period, and a small number of people dream about having sex with pregnant women. So there will be pregnant dolls on the market to meet the needs of these people.