July 21, 2021

Spending Time with Love Dolls will Enrich Your Body And Mind!

Buying real love dolls is better than cheap masturbators!

Some people say, "The Palace of Love is the same as Nuwa, you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy it." Of course, love dolls help masturbate, so this view may not be wrong. However, although masturbation devices can only be used for masturbation as a sexual desire process, real dolls are not.

It can be understood from this fact that there are always people who buy "expensive love dolls" instead of "cheap female dolls." The reason is that the realistic sex doll has an advantage that the bird can't get. The following are three "benefits of owning a love doll".

What are the psychological benefits of having sex with a sex doll?

Lover dolls are basically human shapes. In addition to the whole body love doll, there is also a "love doll torso" that can reproduce a part of the body, but even if it is a part, it is still in the shape of a person. Onahoru, on the other hand, is just a "hole". It's just a hole, inserting the cock and moving it with your own hands makes you feel good, so it's just an extension of masturbation. In this regard, the first advantage of Aiwawa is that it can obtain "mental satisfaction of sexual intercourse" in masturbation.

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Love dolls are treated as other people, such as embracing them as pseudo-sexual partners. This feeling of "has a partner" turns masturbation into "psychologically satisfying sex." This is something you will never get in Onahoru. Real dolls are dolls and cannot communicate freely, such as talking.

However, there are people around us who can replace humans, such as real love dolls. By doing this, loneliness can be cured. For example, if you hold a doll or soft toy when your baby is crying, you will stop crying. This is because the behavior of "hugging a doll or stuffed animal" gives the baby a sense of security, as if someone is nearby. It can be said that the effect of a real doll is the same.

There are also men in the world who have lunatics who cannot demand real women. For such people, TPE sex doll can be said to be the only ones who can seriously combat their habits. Unfortunately, some people tend to commit crimes against real women.

If you can bear others saying "Because this is a crime, bear with it", then there will be no sexual crimes in this world. Love dolls also have the effect of combating and eliminating this desire. In other words, the doll can also play a role in preventing sexual crimes. This is the second merit of a real doll, but it can be said that this is not only a personal spiritual merit, but also a huge social merit.

Will you feel healthy when you are with a love doll?

What are the physical benefits?Owning a sex doll is not just a spiritual benefit. For example, having sex with a real doll can be an exercise and a diet effect. Although they are lighter than real people, when they are heavy, the weight of real dolls can range from 10 kg to more than 30 kg.

You carry these things with you, or lift them up to change your posture, so this is a moderate exercise. By the way, it is said that each sex burns about 100 calories. When you hear this sentence, it doesn’t seem to be much, but if you burn 100 calories through exercise, you will need about 15 minutes of jogging.

Speaking of jogging for 15 minutes, is it very hard? I am glad that you can get the same effect while feeling comfortable. In addition to the normal and cowgirl postures, if you challenge yourself to raise your lover doll, such as a station bento, you may be more effective as an exercise.

Keeping the room clean is not only an exercise, but also essential for the storage of love dolls. The reason is that if dust or fine dust is attached to the skin of the love doll, it will be more difficult to remove than you think. Due to the materials used in Aiwa, the skin is often sticky.

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Baby powder can be used to reduce the stickiness, but it is difficult to completely suppress it, so dust and fine dust are likely to adhere. It is easier to keep the room clean and free of dust and debris on the doll instead of cleaning the real doll every time.

This is why many mini sex doll owners keep the room clean by diligently cleaning and ventilating the room. Some people say that their asthma attacks have stopped because their rooms are clean. The third benefit of having a love doll is that you can be healthy in this way. Another aspect of real dolls is not good for everyone. It also enriches the sex lives of elderly men and disabled people who precede their partners.

Especially in the modern society where the average life expectancy of human beings continues to increase, there are many elderly people who continue to maintain their sexual desire even after the age of 60 or 70. Some older people fall in love with new people and enjoy their second and third youth, but not everyone can do this.

For such elderly people, sex dolls can be both a partner to eliminate sexual desire and a new partner.

In addition, some people with disabilities cannot have sex with real women because of their complex body or because of their inconvenience. For such people, love dolls become very important as partners to eliminate sexual desire and to heal.

So far, we have introduced the various benefits of owning a real doll. Love dolls have many benefits, both mentally and physically. I want to buy a sex doll to choose an important partner, not just as a partner who eliminates sexual desire, but also to treat it carefully so that I can spend as much as possible with it.

For this reason, it is important to choose a love doll that suits your taste. "Oksexdoll" sells all kinds of real dolls with detailed data and abundant photos. Check them out and choose the sex doll that suits you best!