Sep 13, 2022

Other Uses Of Sex Toys

Over the years, adult sex toys have become a kind of thing and are widely welcomed and accepted all over the world. A life size Love Doll may be composed of various parts of the body, and may only include the head, pelvis or the whole body, thereby stimulating the user. The doll works mainly by entering the vibration mode, and the parts can be disassembled or interchanged.

TPE Silicone Sex Dolls

When you have the right doll, all your sexual fantasies may come true. As you know, the best sex dolls are made of silicone / TPE, because they make the dolls look more like people, thus providing you with the best experience ever. That's the point! You can use real dolls for purposes other than sex. As you would expect from a sex doll, this sounds strange and sexual. Now that you have a novel way to use sex dolls, reading this article may be an eye opener.

1、 Adult sex education

To be honest, there are limits to what schools can teach, so you can't fully understand sex. When it comes to sex related issues, many people just "don't understand", which is a failure and full of mistakes. In this case, the Big Boobs Sex Dolls acts as a guide.
Some people are unlucky. It is the tragedy of sex education, not their fault, for a person to wait until he is an adult to realize that he has never seen or understood the physical structure of the opposite sex. This is because they may be severely educated or very shy people. This will cause these people to lack any sexual experience, which is a very big problem when they get married or start dating.
One solution to this problem is sex education. For this reason, real sex toys will come in handy sooner or later. These dolls are adapted into various shapes and forms, with different parts for sale, and can be used for educational purposes. The sex therapist can use these dolls and their parts to convey instructions. In addition, couples can practice freely before real sex begins.

2. Art projects

Crazy artists use sexy live dolls many times in their art exhibitions! Some of you will know that James Franco actually used a love doll to create an art mania, and used it to tell a story, a rebellious behind the scenes story.
In addition, Korean photographer Zhao Juntai and his live doll Eva have appeared in numerous exhibitions around the world, and each exhibition is amazing. Here, dolls are the main carrier for him to explore human emotions.

3. Other ideas for using hot dolls.

You might say, "really?" Read on!
-Personal protection: are you worried about being harassed when you travel alone? Or maybe you should consider putting a little sex doll next to you. We can't guarantee, but it's good to try.
Pranks: isn't the most unforgettable prank on your best friend? Of course, this is good and pure first.
-Coat hanger: just lean the doll against the wall or hang it on the owner, and use it as a coat hanger to hang clothes.
-Cushion: put it on the sofa or chair or stool, you can lean on its soft body.
TPE Silicone Sex Dolls have many other uses, and the creativity depends on you. If you have other interesting uses, please share your ideas in the comments section to provide "help" for your doll partners!