Feb 10, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Dolls

Sex in general is fun, but there are a few taboos these attractive girls should know when dating. Even after sex, we should take some precautions. Don't take a bath right away, and keep warm to prevent your body from getting cold. This is a sex dolls with big big breasts, slender legs, sexy big breasts, small waist, big charming eyes and red lips make her look perfect. Every part of this sex doll's body shows her sexy side as a woman. The long black hair is matched with realistic makeup, the soft skin is more like a real woman, and the three sex mouths simulate the private parts of a real person, perfectly reproducing the sexual experience of women.

life size adult sex doll

Can a true love doll fit into a game character?

A: Yes, it's technically okay, but the cost of silicone sex dolls is relatively high, and I personally don't think it's worth it. Real cosplay sex dolls are recommended to achieve the desired effect. The cost is only a few thousand dollars. Animated acting heroes play their favorite games with costume makeup.

Can I throw it in the trash?

Compared to the original retail price, TPE sex doll can actually be sold at very good prices on various online portals. This is great for those in a hurry to love dolls. You can also take it to your local dumpster. This can be a hassle, but just declare it as household waste. It's going in the right direction.

Do real dolls have joints that bend?

Sex dolls have metal skeletons inside. The metal skeleton is made according to the actual proportions of the human body and joints. That's why she can stand, sit, bend and pose like a real human.