Jan 13, 2022

Gently Rub The Sex Doll Wig

The main tip is not to rub wigs on plump silicone sex doll heads, as it can damage delicate skin. Be careful not to shower the wig with a discrete container of warm water to avoid over-wetting the wig.

No matter how you clean Richmond's expensive real plump lifelike sex doll wigs, you should always clean life-size doll wigs before putting them back on.

Wipe the wig and dab on the ends. Again, it depends on the type of wig.

Prepare enough water to wash the wig. You will also need detergent and towels.

The initial stage is to cover the bowl of water or bring the wig to a level where it can be fully submerged. Create the warmest water. Water contains strong functions designed to smooth the lather.

Then carefully dip the wig into the bowl of water, taking care not to move it in general.

Be careful not to pull too hard from the tip to the root. Gently untangle with your fingers for easy brushing without tangles.

The wig is not scratched and needs a little freshness. In this case, polishing the wig helps a lot every time it works.

Today you can not only get a real Dutch wife who looks like a real girl, but also gives you the same joy.

There can be all kinds of tools that can feel like a real girl and inspire pleasure, and some can have great pleasure in sex.

This is another reason not to use old dolls, these teen sex doll are becoming more and more popular.

It is not uncommon to believe in the soul of a big breasted love doll. In the same way, the soul of the lover doll is the style of another country.

The soul of the life-size sexy silicone doll lives in the sexy silicone sex dolls of my best friend and my favorite friend.