Feb 10, 2022

Four Reasons Why Sex Dolls Are Growing In Popularity

Real-life dolls and torso dolls made of ordinary TPE material are one of the most popular dolls. From an aesthetic point of view, full-body dolls look more beautiful, and perfect beauty is the aesthetic of most people. Life-size love dolls made of the same material are more expensive, but sex doll torso are cheaper. From the storage point of view, the torso sex doll is very convenient to store. People have different tastes. Choose from a personal perspective.

perfect sex doll

Raise the living standards of citizens.

The problem of eating and sleeping can't be solved, who cares about your partner. Yes, in this society, most countries are better off and people's living standards are improving. Boredom and simplicity are no longer satisfied. Except for the money spent on living expenses, the rest is spent on entertainment, people are no longer satisfied with sex dolls, no longer talk, stiff and don't ask questions.

The male to female ratio is unbalanced.

In many places the ratio of males to females is not balanced. Many men can't find girlfriends or wives. It doesn't even meet physiological needs. As a result, some companies have found business opportunities and created simple real dolls such as TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls.

Marriage is too expensive

Every time a man asks a woman out, he has to eat, shop, watch a movie or travel with him. As a result, many men either have no money or because they spend too much.

I do not have kids.

Currently, raising a child requires a lot of money, at least in China. From birth to school to marriage, many cannot afford it. Some couples are afraid of having children because they cannot provide a good living environment for their children. Many men are relieved to find a real infertile sex doll as a sex partner.