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My first experience to buy a sex doll

by Jack

Posted on April 1, 2019 at 19.:50 PM

Why do you want to have a sex doll?

My wife has a long-term business trip, in the next few days, my thoughts about my wife have reached the bottom of the madness. In order to alleviate this pain, I put all my energy into my work. But I finally found myself need a sex. So I can only sex with sex dolls to solve the physiological needs.

How do you feel when you first buy a sex doll?

"You want me to tell the truth. For the first time, I was very excited. I was too shy. I was so scared that I thought that outsiders would peek through the window. Then I pulled the curtains up. But I felt like it... I don’t care about the doll at the time. The material is not so good, it makes me hurt..."

sex doll isabella

What does the sex doll look like?

Well, I bought my sex doll from oksexdoll shop. I was also an accidental chance to discover this adult website. The doll on this website looks very real and the price is also affordable, so I placed the order. In the next few days, I kept thinking about what the doll looks like. I was touched by the realistic level of the doll after receiving the goods.

How do you sex with your real doll?

I almost tried all kind of sexual positions with my sex doll , that's really a good experience.

Does your wife know that you are doing this?

Of course, she said that she can understand me, but she said that when I use a doll, I can't forget her, because we love each other.

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