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David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, is adamant. By 2050, not only will individuals fall in love with android robot sex dolls, but marriages between man and machine will be celebrated. While the American company Abyss Creations, specializing in inflatable dolls, is about to release Harmony, an intelligent sexual robot that looks like two drops of water to a human, fiction could become reality. The expert in artificial intelligence (AI) comes back to this sexual relationship and / or love between the man and the robot for our series of summer "C bot love".

What will a sexual robot look like in 2050?

He will look a lot like a human. Japan's Hiroshi Ishiguro, an Osaka scientist, is already developing classic robots that look the same as humans. He is famous for his humanoid robots and, according to him, if you find yourself in a room with one of his androids, for the first 10 or 20 seconds, you may think you are in the presence of a human. And, with the development of robots, you will take more and more time to understand that you are facing a machine. I think that by 2050, robots will be very close to men.

Is Harmony, the sex robot developed by Abyss Creations, the first step towards what you describe in your book Love and Sex with Robots? Yes it is certain. In the book I wrote in 2007, I predicted that Abyss Creations would be the first company in the world to make sex robots. I even expected her to work there two or three years ago. But their robots will not be as convincing as those developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro. They will be close to the sex dolls that can be seen for many years, such as in Craig Gillespie's A Bride Not Like the Others (Lars and the Real Girl). Inflatable dolls with artificial intelligence and a little conversation.

How did you guess that Abyss Creations would be first on the spot?

supposed. Abyss Creations was the only company that successfully produced life-sized sex dolls, made hundreds of them a year, and grew steadily in business. I thought she was best placed to enter the sex robot market and at that time technology was already there. It made sense, and I knew of no other company so advanced in the field of sex dolls.

Some people who have bought an inflatable sex doll from Abyss Creations develop a strong attachment, love is proven. I read interviews where some explained being in love. They treated their real sex dolls the same way they would have done with a companion. If they fall in love with an inanimate object, one can imagine that it would be even more true with an animated product. More and more people should develop feelings as artificial intelligence progresses. By 2050, it will be possible to have discussions with robots, it will help to create a relationship between the man and the robot. The idea was unusual at the time I wrote my book, but if you look at trends in the academic world over the past decade, more and more articles are interested in the subject. And that's just the beginning.

However, the robot does not contradict, he says what we want to hear. In the future, with artificial intelligence, the robots sex dolls will react as you want. If you want a partner with whom you argue a lot, there will be a setting to make it more offensive. Other parameters will affect the personality, the conversation, the topics ... When we observe the love that some masters bring to their pets, we easily see how we could fall in love with a robot. There has been an investigation in Chicago in the past. Older women were asked if they preferred to see their pets or their husbands die first. Most answered their husbands. If the love for animals can be strong, considering that they do not speak, then the attachment to something that looks like a human and acts like a human will be even stronger.

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How to explain that some may experience feelings of love for a robot?

At the moment, it's hard to imagine a robot having an elaborate discussion. For some scientists, it's even unlikely. Today is true, but by 2050, it will change. Artificial intelligence needs time to solve a number of problems. The first is the art of discussion, it will take time before being able to have an elaborate conversation. Speech recognition is another pitfall, what the person says, the words she uses. At the moment, there are many speech recognition software programs that include most of the words you say. Everyone has a very particular way of speaking and artificial intelligence is not yet able to recognize all the pronunciations. It will take several decades. That's why I thought that marriages with robots would not start until 2050. Robots will be convincing because they will be able to understand everything you say, they can chat.

Sexual robots are sometimes mentioned to solve the problem of prostitution. How are they different from sex toys? D'abord, parce qu'ils ont l'apparence humaine. On n'est pas sur le même niveau, ils sont beaucoup plus évolués que les sextoys. Ils ne vont pas résoudre le problème de la prostitution. En Afrique et dans les pays pauvres, c'est difficile de prévoir, mais dans le monde occidental, ils pourront donner une autre réponse. Ils sont à l'abri des maladies sexuellement transmissibles et, au fil du temps, leur prix sera plus abordable.

If we fall in love and look like a person, can we consider that to sleep with a robot is to deceive? I am often asked the question. I do not think we're fooling someone with a robot. Look at the number of women who use a vibrator. Do you think it's fooling?

But if we fall in love, we can not compare it to a vibrator anymore? It is true. It becomes a personal decision. Some may feel deceived, others may not. This is a real distinction: sleep with feeling and sleep without feeling with a robot. These are two different situations.

If you follow your thesis, you end up getting married to a robot, so it becomes identical to a person, right? It is true. I even predicted that the first marriage would be celebrated in Massachusetts. First because it is the most progressive state in the United States. This is one of the first places to have started thinking seriously about same-sex marriage and has many companies specializing in AI and robotics. In the course of the twentieth century, the idea of marriage, of what should be legal or not, has evolved considerably. For example, not so long ago in the United States, it was illegal for a white person to marry a black person. In the 21st century, some states, at least in the United States, will allow marriages with robots. We will consider that people should have the right to marry whom they want - except perhaps their brother or sister. It could be a new queer movement.

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