July 15, 2021

Do You Know The Body Heating Function of Love Dolls?

When our requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, then some people even hope to achieve a very high orgasm in their sexual life through realistic sex doll. So this also means that real dolls must have more functions, and only in this way can they meet the growing needs of people. For example, many lover dolls were originally made of PVC plastic or soft silicone, so the price difference is very large, but apart from the above price difference, is there any difference in other places?

The body heating function of full size sex dolls can be realized

In fact, with the advancement of technology, we must know that more and more adults like dolls, and dolls have different functions. For example, some physical dolls can make a bed-calling sound as their movements change. As soon as these words came out, many men absolutely couldn't help it. In addition, many people want to know whether the lower body of a sex doll can be heated? In fact, as long as we can afford the price, we can also find this kind of lover doll, but the heating function of most lover dolls is a price increase. And the doll needs to be charged for about 1 hour and can be used for about 3 hours. But be sure to take out the battery and put it away when not in use, otherwise the doll will age.

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The heated realistic sex doll makes sex more comfortable

Originally, many people wanted to buy TPE sex doll with fever all over the body. If they hold her, how cold their bodies will make many people disappear. Sexual drive is a problem. If, if there is a adult sex doll that can heat the whole body, many people will definitely think it is good. After all, holding a doll is like holding a real person. Many people think that not only can they perform various sexual activities, but they can also hold a hot real doll, just like the human body, which is really good.