Nov 18, 2021

The World's First Male Sex Robot Unveiled

The world's first male sex robot unveiled

Is this the sorrow of men or the gospel of women? However, it does not appear to be a real male sex dolls. Recently, an American scientist completed a zero breakthrough in this field and completed a male robot named "Henry". It can be said to be a sex doll with a very realistic style.

Intelligent robots are well-known. The domestically produced American company Realbotix, and then the intelligent robot Harmony, which is popular on screens, are half-parents. The height of the robot is 1.82 meters, and the body has a lot of muscles. Handsome guys look muscular. There are many female idol types. The original intention of its developers is to provide robot female companions, and it can also solve some life problems by escorting some single women. , But as soon as he debuted, he immediately became an Internet celebrity. It is not surprising that his handsomeness has fascinated millions of soldiers. Many men are jealous of this buzzing sound.

Of course, such a robot must only have a high degree. Not only can it do some housekeeping things in life, but it can also communicate with women. It can just tease girls. Of course, women with low emotional intelligence are easy to get along with and fall in love. He only does it now. A beta version, if you don’t like this type of robot, you can also customize it according to your needs. The appearance, body, personality can be customized, not very close. Some beautiful women are happy, give me a dozen warm men, and I will fall into the gentle city.

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But here is a little worried about the single compatriots of Chinese men. If he is good enough, you will become a future competitor and a robot, thinking that cutting into the heart a little bit, technology will change life, but don’t let him become a silicone sex doll, the sadness of male life .

For women, women can be happier. After all, there is another choice in life. The old man cannot find God to obey. Will the future women benefit? None of this is known, but someone will give way when it becomes popular. After all, there are no humans and machines, and advanced machines are also artificial.

It may be like a woman in the future. This advanced human animal cannot replace any creature on the earth. The sorrow of men and the welfare of women in the human imagination are just a simple human achievement but the ultimate goal of robots. Don’t know what everyone is sharing today?