Feb 22, 2022

Demand for Sex Dolls Among Older Men

A true avatar for all lovers, the sex dolls is a life-size sex toy that reproduces a woman's entire body. The face shape also makes it look like a pretty girl that guys like to draw. You can adjust not only height and weight, but also face shape and skin tone.

The best TPE sex doll photos always grab attention. This is a lifelike life-size sex doll. A doll with a perfect body and a perfect face loves to show off her big tits and sexy ass. She looks sexy and kind of charming.

Love Doll's loyal fans looked him in the eyes and saw the looming hope in their hearts. I want to live. He gave her a cute name, Yueqing, which means he wants to see sunny days every day.

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The history of a sex doll shop: Mr. Liu, the owner of a sex doll shop in Zhengzhou, China, is an old man who left a deep impression on him. He was always lonely and bored and had heard from others that his wife had passed away many years ago. One night six months ago, when Mr. Liu was packing up and preparing to close the store, the old man suddenly and quietly came to the door. He was surprised and thought the old man needed help. In fact, the old man who was going to study did not hesitate to spend 9,000 yuan to buy a 165 cm silicone sex dolls, paid the money, turned around and left.

Later, the old man came to our store several times every night to ask for advice on some usage issues, probably because he was afraid of meeting people he knew. Mr. Liu said that the elderly gradually got used to it. The old man was in his early seventies, widowed for many years, and his children were nowhere to be seen. Since his wife's death, he doesn't want to have sex with another woman. But no matter how old they are, they still have emotional and physical needs. The old man was moved when he saw the lifelike TPE sex doll in the sex doll shop. After a long wait, I finally brought her home in the dark.