July 21, 2021

Buyer Surveys Detailed Data on Sex Dolls

People who buy adult sex dolls

These have some obvious common features. The first category is basically high-quality people, or retired executives, or elites in the workplace. They are basically people who have cars, houses and wealth. Second, they all have real needs. There are many reasons for loneliness, such as traveling and living in two places, divorce, wife going abroad, or wife being pregnant. Third, most people have had the unpleasant experience of buying realistic sex doll online. After all, there are few physical stores with sex dolls as the theme in the United States, and promotion alone is not enough. Most customers have had an unpleasant purchase experience of buying sex dolls online before they found love dolls. The person who receives the inflatable doll, the product with the incorrect version, the merchant who has repeatedly promised the payer, the person who has not paid, the person who cannot find the merchant due to after-sales problems, etc. Real-life dolls are an expensive product that takes time to transport, so if you buy online, it is usually difficult to solve the after-sales problems during the transportation process. Therefore, Love Doll Factory and its brand stores have emphasized the sales model of "what you see is what you get" and "factory + love doll mail order + spot", so that customers always provide the best purchasing experience.

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Adult sex dolls can solve a series of social problems

Nowadays, there are more and more news about prostitution and social derailment, and there is a constant wave of anti-pornography and the consequences of illegal activities. The impact of prostitution and derailment on society and families needs no further explanation. This incident not only caused irreparable loss of personal reputation and social reputation, but even if the incident was unsuccessful, the potential health risks and moral hazards should not be ignored. Why does the government continue to work hard to remedy it, knowing that there are many harms and low social acceptance? Are similar news and events still appearing? The answer comes from social reasons, such as old singleness, divorce, and separation of husband and wife. Women’s normal sexual desire cannot be satisfied in the usual way, so we are looking for a way of satisfaction that is different from the usual way. Relying on administrative punishment and social criticism to solve social problems such as derailment of prostitution has not solved the fundamental needs of human nature. It is almost the same as adding water to stop boiling. Some can be temporarily relieved, and it is easy to relapse without solving it. Therefore, sex dolls will solve the above social problems to a certain extent.

With beautiful anthropomorphic appearance, built-in bones and joints, you can move freely and model real people in various poses and actions. Today, True TPE love doll products are widely used in model photography, role playing and dating services. Especially for divorced, divorced, widowed elderly, disabled, single elderly people living in two places and adolescent sex education. In fact, the sex doll brand store started in 2016 in a doll manufacturing base in Shandong Province, China. At present, many online shopping stores have been opened in the United States in response to the demands of users from all over the country. The above-mentioned life-size doll specialty store quickly became popular as soon as it opened. It is a specialty store with the theme of love dolls in the United States. All kinds of real doll products are displayed and sold in the store, free shipping throughout the United States. Brought good news to users.