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Make Your Doll More Beautiful! Detailed Dressing Skills

By dressing a real doll as close to a real woman as possible, you can make it the kind of woman you like. When matching with clothing, there are various points to choose from, such as size and material. Here are some tips on how to choose clothes.

The size of the sex doll determines the clothes

When choosing clothing, you may want to know what size to use. First check the height of your realistic sex doll . high quality's clothing is most suitable for heights below 150 cm. For dolls larger than this, please choose a lady size.

high quality's clothing size

For high quality's clothing, the size depends on your height. Consider the displayed size of plus or minus 5 cm as the correct garment. For example, taking 120cm size high quality's clothing as an example, it seems to be aimed at love dolls with a height of 115~125cm. Some people may want to have fun wearing cosplay. There is also a complete lineup of high quality's clothing cosplay, don't worry.

For women's clothing

For a lover doll with a height of more than 150 cm, it is best to choose a lady-size costume. As a size guide, if the maximum is 160 cm, please consider the S size, if it is larger than 160 cm, please consider the M size. Compared with high quality's clothing, many women have thicker waists. If you encounter dubbing, please use the safety pin or clothespin on your back to adjust it.

If you want to completely change your impression of love dolls, wearing a wig is a good idea. When making such an arrangement, the points of selection will vary according to the size of the doll, so I will explain in detail below.

adult sex dolls for men blog

Life-size sex doll over 140 cm

If you are a TPE love doll with a height of or more, it is easy to buy a wig. If you buy clothes worn by real women, you can almost certainly wear them. You can also see colored wigs, such as blonde hair like cosplay wigs. Wearing such a wig will give people a fresher impression than usual. It can also be purchased online, so you can easily order it using your smartphone or computer at home.

sex doll doll

The problem is when it is used with a of about 100 to 130 cm. Not only the height but also the size of the head have become compact, so it is difficult to find a wig that fits perfectly. However, compared with adult women, high quality's wigs are not so popular, and there are not many changes. For dolls smaller than 100 cm, it will be more difficult to purchase. You may need to buy special wigs, such as custom wigs.

How to wear sexy

Who wants a sexy and charming dress-up love doll? The proposed coordination in this case is summarized below. If you can't reflect the image, why don't you refer to the method I introduced from now on?

Slick dress

When wearing skirts, the emphasis is on light clothes such as satin or silk. Because it reflects light, it gives a gorgeous impression. In addition, the silky texture blends with the soft skin of Aiwawa. This is a coordination that makes you want to touch it.

Keep an eye on your underwear

Even if I dress beautifully, if I take it off, the underwear with a sense of life will not be so attractive. You shouldn't cut off your underwear just because you can't see it when you wear it. It is a good idea to choose underwear from underwear. Especially the small area of ​​cloth, such as skewered bread, can enhance the sexy and charming impression of adults.

Your impression will change a lot depending on how you handle your love babydoll. Carefully find the one that matches the size of your doll so that you will not be disappointed by the inappropriate size.

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