Aug 24, 2021

Will Adult Love Dolls Replace Humans?

With the development of science and technology, our era can enter the era of intelligence, and the derived smart product pages will gradually replace humans in specific positions. Whether it’s a supermarket or the driverless truck that is planned to be launched next year, we have seen machines replace humans, but the hot topic is how long does it take for realistic sex doll to take over your job? Partner?

Now people are trying to make a fully functional sex robot. You may think that this is still far away, but it is not far from reality, even within reach.

But can Real Doll really replace real people? Well, it depends on what you want. If you want to simulate the feeling of real sex with an ideal woman, high-quality TPE or silicone sex dolls are the perfect choice. You can even make your own TPE sex dolls to create the perfect woman-from the color of the skin and hair to the size and shape of the breasts. But maybe you would say that after experiencing the "girlfriend experience", after experiencing adult love dolls like Samantha, she became popular when she appeared in "This Morning". I take it all. "

affordable love dolls

If you ask us, AI for sex dolls is out of reach. Considering how new she is, the love doll is impressive. There are sensors on different parts of her body, and they respond according to where you touch her. If you want to go on forever, you must first seduce her by talking to her, kissing and caressing her skin. But at this time, everything seemed to be stiff, accompanied by groans and embarrassing sounds. The whole thing looks like a game. In a sense, this did not increase realism, but deprived it of realism. I think it's not worth it.

This does not mean that future models will not get better, but even if the sex robot looks like a high-end authentic product, for those who want to see something, TPE and silicone sex dolls always have a place. And I feel like the real thing. There are also daunting ethical debates about whether artificial intelligence will reach a certain level and whether people will go to cities to obtain the qualifications of Real Doll.

In short, if Sex bot is your promised long-term girlfriend, then the silicone sex doll is a wild fucking companion and you will let you do some fancy things. They are more realistic and surreal, and there are many types to choose from. It will hit your heart. Check them, build your mind, life-size love dolls will replace the real thing.