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What is the feeling of womans being overweight?

Plump refers to women and is synonymous with good body. Speaking of it, just like when you are inadvertently glimpsing, the woman who flashed across the opposite side seems to be a bit fat. But when you turn around and find it, I find her chest, buttocks are a little fat, and I feel shocked when I look at it. People who like this kind of woman must also like fat sex dolls.

What is the feeling of having a big chest?

If the chest is too large, first of all, walking and running will be more troublesome, not only inconvenient when exercising, but also a sense of falling pain. Second, if the chest is too large, buying underwear becomes a big problem. Good-looking underwear can't be worn, and only some outdated styles can be selected. However, the fullness of women’s growth and the dressing are also very picky. It’s not that people pick clothes, but clothes are picking people. The normal slim figure is worn by womans. To a plump woman, it’s necessary to add large clothes, or else It was made into a short paragraph, especially in the summer. But believe it or not, most people like big breasted dolls.

sex with sex doll

Some people do chest surgery because their chest is too big

Sheridan Larkman, a mother from Victoria, Australia, had this kind of trouble. Larkman was 1.65 meters tall, and her chest, which did not match her height, made her decide to raise money for breast reduction. Larkman's chest developed at the age of 8. At the age of 10, Larkman's bust reached the D cup, and when she was in high Sexy, her cup had become G.

From a physiological point of view, a fat woman looks beautifuler, and a man who likes a full-bodied woman is real because they look beautifuler. Why is this? Because the fullness of fat will smooth the wrinkles on the woman's face! Indeed, the overall quality of a woman with a full body and the overall quality of a woman with a bones are much stronger in some respects.

Half of the overseas shipments are shipped to the United States

Don't be too extreme in everything. Don't be too slim or too fat. I like sports and fitness, and of course I like sports people. In the impression, women who go to fitness are going to lose weight because they are too obese, and women who often go to the gym are very beautiful, slim or full, but in fact, health is good. A woman who does not exercise very often, her muscles will become slack, and men prefer women who have big ass. This is one of the reasons why the big butt sex doll became popular.

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