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Detailed Explanation of The Characteristics And Usage of Sex Dolls

The different physiological conditions of men and women often lead to different orgasm times between men and women. At this time, it can be used not only as a prelude to gender, but also as an auxiliary device that men want to make in time, so that their sex lives can be synchronized as much as possible.

Use of full-size TPE sex dolls

The husband and wife are divided into two places. Men with strong sexual desire, elderly men and women with sexual dysfunction, and long-term irregular sex life can cause couples to become disabled. A modern person who has been single for a long time, can't stand loneliness, and doesn't want to have a relationship with the opposite sex casually. It is used for people with frigid sex, lack of orgasm, or hypersexuality, hypersexuality and other sexually hyperactive STDs, AIDS, and people who are afraid of weak sexual desire control. Recommended Use.

Men with sexual dysfunction such as impotence and premature ejaculation;
Endocrine regulation, from the root cause of the facial acne caused by endocrine accumulation, does not brighten the complexion, after use, the face is shiny, it plays an unexpected role in beauty. I will do it. The height of the realistic sex doll is 140-170 cm. It is carefully crafted by a well-known adult product designer using the latest production technology, and is designed to simulate a human in a 1:1 ratio.

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Features of sexy silicone sex dolls

Thickness: 1 cm thick silicone soft skin, very soft and smooth
Waterproof: all styles are solid insoluble in water
Anti-fouling: No deposits on the body of the doll, easy to clean
Durability: reusable, not easy to break
Realistic: Strictly follow the correct ratio of mold molding
Feel: very soft and smooth, just like a real human body
Flexibility: the interface has a wide area of ​​activity
Safety: absolutely safe, non-toxic and tasteless
Convenience: Available at any time, enjoy your body and mind at any time

Aiwa has big charming eyes and passionate lips. It is made of the latest international polymer non-toxic medical grade silicone material. The skin is soft, supple and elastic. The body has a stainless steel frame, and the limbs and torso are equipped with movable joints. Various postures can be arranged freely, and the texture is close to real people. It is very convenient for her to use different sexy outfits.

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