Feb 22, 2022

The Ever-escalating AI Robot Sex Doll

robot sex doll

It is believed that in the near future, intelligent robot sex dolls will become more and more popular. AI intelligent robots are still making progress. Although the technology is not yet widespread, intelligent AI robots are already well known. He has the same skin as a human, can say what a human wants to do, and has interchangeable body movements.

Nowadays, the research in the field of Sex robot is more and more mature, and it is believed that the successful introduction of this technology will greatly improve people's lives. Adult sex dolls can simulate human consciousness and thinking, as well as the way humans think. In recent years, Japanese scientists who study intelligent robots have developed a new version of intelligent robots. It is said that this real doll is the smallest intelligent robot in the world, and it is also a human being.

The shape of these live-action dolls makes it difficult to see how they differ from humans. These smart robots from Japan look very human-like and even have very similar facial expressions and movements. During the manufacturing process, these intelligent robots use a variety of facial expressions and movements. Communicating with intelligent robots is as natural to us as communicating with real people.

The shells of these sex dolls are usually made of silicone, but when the silicone shell is removed, what happens inside the smart silicone doll?

Once you discover them, you will find a very complex program with various circuit boards, countless wires connected to it and many sensors connected to it, and the internal structure of the intelligent robot. She is complicated. Thanks to this complex structure, these intelligent robots can communicate and work like humans.