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Can The Doll Be Used By Multiple People?

Why do people choose dolls as partners?

In today's rapid development of society, the pace is too fast, and people's pressure is increasing. Some people are busy with work, have no time to fall in love, or have too much contact with the opposite sex. In this case, you can buy a real life sex doll to solve your sex life. Unlike inbeautifulable dolls, the advantage of tpe real dolls is that they have realistic simulation skins, realistic faces and bones, allowing you to freely assume your favorite poses, which is very attractive.

With real dolls as companions, it is really warm for lonely people in life. Many people live alone all year round due to work or other reasons, but they may not ventilate under pressure, which may affect their bodies for a long time.

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We collected some answers to this question.

Even if there is no womanfriend and no marriage partner, but a person with a strong sexual desire.
Mr. Sashigariya who thinks that living alone is loneliness.
Some women live alone and buy male dolls to prevent crime so that they can be seen from the outside.
People who lose their daughters in accidents or illnesses buy things of a similar age.

I heard that there is a certain demand for the disabled.

H Except for the purpose... It seems
The old man who married his daughter in China may be

Can a real doll be used by multiple people?

In fact, can be used by many people, but if it is not handled properly from the perspective of disinfection safety, many people will be infected. Therefore, we'd better buy a realistic doll, and it is also a personal privacy item, after all, many people do not use it very well. For personal health, it is best not to use multiple people together.

Therefore, in order to allow users to have a better experience, Karundo Ai Doll Factory has increased the cost to ensure the health of users, and will not hesitate to use materials that meet EU standards. We don't want to buy dolls just for sex, but we hope you will be lonely, when you are alone, with your ever-changing elf.

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