How do Sex Dolls Solve the Japanese Sex Crisis?

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Japan is a big country of pornography, but in such a country where the porn industry is developed, Japan has a crisis of sexual life. This sounds incredible. What is the cause of Japan’s sexual crisis?

It is reported that Japanese men are overworked, and they don't want sex when they are tired, and they feel that women are terrible. The prefer having sex with a sex doll. This is really amazing.

In fact, in the eyes of many people, Japan is a country dominated by pornography, known as the "island country." But what is unexpected is the crisis of sexual life in Japan. In many Japanese families, there is no sexual marriage, and the birth rate is reduced. The aging of the country and the population crisis have really shattered the Japanese government.

The main reason they don't like to sex with their wives

Japanese maritalists believe that the main reasons for asexual marriage include: male work stress, often tired, and “being powerless” for couples' lives; less communication between husband and wife, making family life boring and boring, affecting feelings; many middle-aged Couples feel that they have only family and no sexual love; the sex industry is developed, and even if there are problems in their sexual life, people can solve their physiological needs through other means, which leads many couples not to actively face and solve asexual marriage.

Japanese real sex doll

Japanese couples have no sex life crisis

Japanese couples have sexless Japanese couples throughout the year. At present, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has realized the negative effects of asexual marriage and proposed three "warnings." First of all, asexual marriage affects the stability of the family, leading to the phenomenon of “divorce in mature years” in Japan, and many middle-aged families have broken down. Secondly, some couples are lingering in erotic places, or they are physically and mentally cold, losing confidence in their married life and seriously affecting their mental health. Finally, the birth rate has continued to decline, and the population has experienced negative growth, exacerbating aging and population crises.

Japanese couples are asexual Japanese couples throughout the year. In order to save asexual marriage, Japan has also thought of many ways. For example, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has produced and distributed a “slow love” brochure to remind middle-aged couples to enjoy their married life.

Local governments have encouraged couples to have more high quality. In some areas, as long as the couple has 3 high quality, they will receive 1 million yen (about 80,000 yuan), and they will be in supermarkets, shopping malls and even restaurants. You can enjoy discounts. Many large Japanese companies also force employees to go home from work earlier and enjoy family life. Japanese TV stations also produce programs that teach couples how to maintain their sexual desire and make sweet. If necessary, you can also have sex with Japanese sex dolls. This helps men stimulate sexual desire. Click and buy more Japanese sex dolls.

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