Nov 18, 2021

Why Are Sex Dolls So Popular Among Chinese Men?

Thousands of people in China are buying these lifelike sex dolls. These dolls are not poorly imagined human figures, but robot sex dolls worth nearly 1,000 or even 4,000 US dollars. After nearly two years of outbreak, various brands have emerged on the market, which will be a revolution sweeping the society.

Nevertheless, many people still have many questions: What is so special about these dolls? Why go to extremes and buy a doll without a soul?

It is reported that there are three main reasons for the purchase motivation of these TPE sex doll customers. First, meet physiological needs. Second, take photos and share. Third, cosplay collection. So why have they suddenly become so popular? "These dolls look like real people, and their actions are also like real people. Physical dolls are modern works of art, just like a woman can have a beautiful and beautiful face, and so can a realistic sex doll. They satisfy people. The most tender dreams and desires in my heart.

The reality is that physical dolls are more like a hobby or interest, just like skateboarding or photography. An anime sex doll enthusiast also expressed the same point in an interview with the media. When asked whether he would consider cheaper PVC products, his disgust was quite obvious. The next generation of physical dolls will use the most cutting-edge materials and technology on the one hand, and on the other hand will give people a more real feeling. Another area where doll manufacturers are investing a lot of energy is the development of interactive capabilities.

Another question is that where the price of a doll may be a month or even a few months' salary, its main function is sex, which can be solved by some "free" behaviors. What is the significance of all these efforts?

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As mentioned earlier, this is not just sex, sex is only part of it. There is a forum related to love dolls on the Internet, where people share experiences, from how to make a doll's face into a plaster model, to how to shoot, or to buy second-hand dolls. This is a serious and legitimate group of fun.

There was a report that published a controversial article saying that the reason why Chinese sex doll are "better" than women is that they will not resist, so people can do whatever they want with it. All of this hints at the fourth reason for buying these dolls: to eliminate darker feelings. All this means that these dolls opened the door to a larger social problem. This problem began with the dross of the old society and the one-high quality policy. The ratio of men to women in China is clearly biased towards men. It can be said that this means nautical miles. There are really not many other fish, there will be a large proportion of single men.

In the past ten years, China's population of one billion people has been divided into this proportion. Then, the world's largest "matchmaking game"-blind date, was continuously staged, allowing a boy to be matched with a girl. Of course, this is difficult due to many reasons such as age and sexual orientation, not to mention the huge economic costs behind these behaviors. But for the benefit of science, let us imagine that this is indeed happening.

If this sounds scary to you, it should be, but this is just an imagination, it is not true. Now the key point is: these lifelike sex dolls actually have social functions in our country. If the gender imbalance continues to expand, then the popularity of these products will undoubtedly help delay social, economic and physiological problems.