Sep 13, 2022

How Are Sex Toys Made?

How were sex dolls brought into the world? How do these TPE Silicone Sex Dolls? If you are a serious doll lover, these questions are likely to arouse your deep curiosity. It's natural to be curious about the process of creating sex dolls. But it is very tiring and inconvenient to spy and watch the whole process in the doll manufacturing center. We have better choices to help you satisfy your curiosity.
We will explain to you how sex dolls are made. We will take you to understand the entire production process of the birth of the exquisite sex doll. So, don't restrain your curiosity any more. Let's study it together.

Robot Sex Dolls

Draw a doll on paper

There is no exaggeration here. The first step in making sex dolls is done by the creative hands of artists and designers. They made a detailed sketch of the sex doll. After all, for complex creations like sex dolls, you need a proper design to use. Then use this sketch design to sculpt the 3D model of the doll.
Usually, the whole body of a sex doll is made of a mold. However, some manufacturers may choose to manufacture arms and legs separately. It all depends on the manufacturer's preference. Once the basic model is ready, it will be divided into different parts.
It should be noted that the head of the doll is made separately. This is because the head is a more detailed work, which requires the producer to spend more energy to elaborate, and special attention should be paid to the details of each doll's face.

Mold making

Haven't we already created a mold? The answer is yes. But the mold here is for the preparation of another part of the Love Doll.
What we saw in the previous stage is a basic mold, and now it is used in turn to make a female mold. This is the main mold for supporting the bone structure of the doll. Therefore, the skeleton must be properly adjusted to make the doll have the most natural posture. In general, the bone structure in the thigh and chest regions is "thicker". At this stage, the most important thing is to ensure that the doll's structure is appropriate. This means that the mold must be perfectly synchronized with the skeleton. Only after this "synergy" is completed can we enter the next stage.

Pour TPE / silica gel

We have now reached the step of using TPE or silica gel. In the last stage, we successfully created a mold supported by a skeleton in place. Now, we pour TPE / silica gel onto the mold. It is important to pour the material (silica gel or TPE) in an appropriate amount. The crux of the problem is that if too little TPE / silicone is used, the doll's design will be very hard. In other words, it's like making love on a hard, thick rock. On the contrary, if we use too much TPE or silicone, the doll will become too loose and appear loose.
At this stage, other details such as skin pigmentation and skin texture are also processed. At this critical stage, no errors are allowed. Even a small deviation can completely destroy the doll's design. Therefore, this step requires strict review.

Remove molds and trim dolls

This is probably the trickiest but most interesting part of the whole process. The first step here is to remove the mold and take out the doll. At this stage or so, the core structure of the sex doll is ready. However, sex dolls do not look like the charming models you see in the market. There is a lot of excess silicone material on the doll, which needs to be removed. This was done by design experts who adjusted the doll and shaped her. But their job is not just to remove some extra "fat". The skin is also fine tuned and even by experts. This is usually done with a spatula. After that, we will continue to the next step.

Final customization

This is the last step in the process of making sex dolls. It is undoubtedly the most detailed step. Here, the doll is decorated with eyes, nails, hair, eyebrows, properly modeled breasts, etc. Details are embedded in the doll's body and face to make her more like a real person. The whole process is to make the Big Boobs Sex Dolls as realistic as possible. Therefore, this stage is undertaken by many experts and professionals.

It can also be seen that if any area of the doll needs work or adjustment. For more advanced dolls, such as AI dolls, this stage becomes more refined. These dolls are equipped with all the additional advanced functions, such as moaning devices, tongue and tooth sets, etc.
Finally, once all the customization and modification are completed, the doll can be shipped. Generally speaking, the process of making adult dolls is a long and extensive process, but when I get the physical results of the dolls, I can't help but marvel at the realism of the dolls.