Aug 24, 2021

Real Dolls for Treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunction

1. The silicone love doll is suitable for more than 30 million elderly men. Realistic sex doll will completely replace the other half in the next ten years and become the "perfect lover", helping more than 30 million older single men save and relieve stress. Get rid of the worries of "dogs" and live a more relaxed, healthier and younger life.

2. Sex dolls are suitable for elderly people living alone and burglars. The market for fully intelligent bionic couple robots is promising. Elderly people living alone and burglaries are also the biggest beneficiaries. At present, there are millions of families in China without children, and the number of DINK families is still increasing. In the future, these lonely old people, or we, will be one of them. Silicon Lolita dolls will not only accompany the elderly to relieve loneliness, but will also integrate intelligent monitoring systems into products in the future. When the elderly is in danger of life, she can automatically dial an emergency number for help.

3. Aiwawa is suitable for sexual dysfunction and the dignity "life-saving straw" of people with disabilities. Everyone is born equal, but God's will is not to make people smooth, bright, bright, and beautiful, but to make people live well. Talk about the actual relationship with the fully intelligent antibiotic couple robot. This kind of companionship of making friends day and night makes men more dignified, happier, and no longer alone. Mental health can not only significantly reduce the male abortion rate and crime rate, but also play a decisive role in stabilizing social security.

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Dolls: Simulate adult sex toys and replace real people to meet their sexual needs. It can be divided into male and female dolls, which are generally sold in adult retail stores. Unlike the children's RealDoll, it is made of silicone and plastic, imitating the human body. From a material point of view, its size is close to the size of an adult. The body is soft and elastic. After use, it can be washed and reused. When the physical conditions of men and women are different, the time of orgasm is often different for men and women. At this time, it can be used as a prelude to sex, and it can also be used to help those who want to synchronize their sexual lives as much as possible to achieve harmony and perfection. Couples living in two places, strong sexual desire, impaired sexual function of men, elderly men and women, and couples with disability due to irregular long-term sexual life. Long-term single, unwilling to have random relationships with the opposite sex, frigidity, lack of orgasm, or excessive sexual desire, excessive sexual desire and other extreme sexual functions; fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, recommended to people with AIDS and weak sexual impulse control. Men with impotence, premature ejaculation and other male sexual dysfunctions; Note: The role of using sex dolls is to regulate endocrine and solve the root cause of facial acne caused by endocrine disorders. The skin is dull, and the skin becomes shiny and shiny after use, playing with the trap of beauty.

"The Most Beautiful Lolita Lover" Recently, with the rise of the otaku culture, the development of technology and the convenience of the Internet, the problem of eating, drinking and playing at home has been solved, and more and more people are staying at home. You don't have to go out.

Can physiological problems be solved? Yes. For more information, please see this media report. Geeks first face physiological problems, food and clothing problems, and libido problems, so after solving the survival problems, physiological problems appear. But what if the nerd is not sociable? As a result, a silicone doll that more and more meets the strong needs of male friends was born. TPE sex doll is one of the closest girlfriends of single nerds. You don't have to seduce her to make her happy. She waits for you quietly at home every day. With the development of time and living standards, there are more and more wealthy bookworms, and Aiwawa has also moved from simple physical systems to more complex physical systems or customized ones. After all, you get what you pay for. Oh, it's so ridiculous for a $1 million nerd to use a $100 life-size doll. Otherwise, you need to pursue your own life.