Sex Doll Is Practical For Those Do Not Want To Confront Reality

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They are called Kim, Sofia or Lily ... The first French real sexual doll rental facility opened on February 1st in the 14th district of Paris. To understand why some men like to have intimate relationships with these objects, 20 Minutes interviewed Nathalie Parein, psychologist and sexologist.

Why can men have sex with dolls?

It is a way to satiate fantasies, unilaterally. As a result, it is something close to masturbation, with an object that simulates the female body. The advantage for some is that it avoids all the negative elements related to sex, such as breakdowns, relationship difficulties, misunderstandings, the inadequacy of bodies ...

Sex is sometimes complicated. With a doll or a sexual robot, we are alone in front of an object that we manipulate and that does not respond or programmed. It's quite convenient for someone who does not want to be confronted with reality.

What types of profiles do these men have?

There are several profiles. While being careful to avoid any stereotype, we can assume that people attracted by this type of practice will be very inhibited people, who will have difficulties to build a relationship with someone. There are also people who have fantasies and who appreciate being able to do what they want with this type of object ...

Today, their use is very limited, it pushes a lot of people and it is not tomorrow that this type of object will be used routinely. But their use may develop out of curiosity or a fashion effect at first.

real life sex dolls

Some go to this place as a couple. What does this reveal?

Here too, it is a fantasy. There is a desire to discover something else, like when you go to a libertine club. It is a way to bring a little fantasy, novelty in the relationship. Different forms of sexuality can coexist within a couple.

There are now more advanced dolls, robots, able to say "no" to the person who uses it. What does it inspire you?

BIt's embarassing. Certainly, this is only a robot, but it gives an impoverished image of the woman, refers to the idea of rape and therefore lack of consent in the sexual relationship. We do not know what this can induce psychologically in a person who regularly uses this type of robot. It has negative effects on the conception of sexual relations.

Everything is done so that these objects look more and more like a human being and this creates confusion. There should not be a transposition into reality. Some believe it is a therapeutic tool. On the contrary, I think this only reinforces certain fantasies. And the problem is that there is no legal framework for the moment. Nothing forbids the use of this type of object. Admittedly, we must respect everyone's freedom, but at the same time, if there are risks of deviance, real ethical problems, it would be important to think about the possible limits to be posed.

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