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Sex Dolls Also Play Sci-fi style, Tailor-made "Avatar" Female Characters

Sex dolls also play sci-fi style, tailor-made "Avatar" female characters

It's really hard to tell about taste! Many people place their fantasy on realistic sex doll . The products are becoming more realistic and full-featured. When the "soul mate" can be tailor-made, you can play science fiction! Foreign media reported that some manufacturers said that customers’ demand for real-life dolls in sci-fi movie styles has increased, and their new products have also referenced many classic works, such as the heroine in the movie "Avatar", Niteli, and even "The Universe Veyron" In "Martian woman with 3 chests, unique elements are integrated into the physical doll, which meets the needs of many curious people.

Once the most popular movie in movie history, "Avatar" broke many people's imagination when it was released in 2009. The tall blue alien creature is still fresh in the memory. The sequel of the movie has also been shot in real life and is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2022. , Fans are looking forward to it. Many physical doll manufacturers fancy the movie and have a huge response. Aiming at the opportunity, they launched Avatar's love dolls at the right time to meet people with alternative needs.

It is reported that the film company intends to shoot 5 "Avatars" and turn them into a series of works, possibly related to silicone sex doll styles or more. And refer to the doll of the avatar heroine Nitli, with a blue body and a reggae head, which has a big market in the "Otaku Dark Realm".

Louis Love, the founder of the British sex doll brand "SL", said in an interview with foreign media earlier that the popularity of sci-fi physical dolls has increased sharply. In the future, more styles will be introduced, and the dolls will not be the same. The species, hands and toes, markings, and joints can all be selected or specified by customers, emphasizing the need to provide customers with a unique experience that meets their personal fantasy concepts.

sexy silicone sex dolls

The dolls that can be provided are not only aliens, but also three-breasted mutants, dwarves and elves in sci-fi movies, and even the so-called "FUTANARI". Even hermaphrodite creatures can be provided. Some customers love sci-fi and mythical creatures. Theme, fairy characters and even the Disney series of "Mermaid Princess" can become alternative partners.

Another manufacturer named "Doll-Forever" has even launched a physical doll with three breasts. The finished product seems to be deeply shocking. In fact, this kind of role modeling comes from a red-light district woman from Mars in the 1990 science fiction movie "Universal Veyron". This image even appeared in Milan Fashion Week for a time, but she did not expect to be made into a TPE sex doll . However, these alternative dolls are expensive. On the one hand, custom-made dolls require additional mold openings. On the other hand, the material requirements and production process are more complicated. It is reported that the asking price is about 1,200 to 2,000 pounds (about 10,000 to 30,000 yuan).

As the leader of science fiction films, Europe and the United States are second to none in terms of science fiction style design in various fields. Foreign entity doll manufacturers are designing a batch of entity dolls inspired by sci-fi movies, which are expected to be launched in the market within three years, including dolls in the style of the sci-fi series "Western World". The new generation of dolls will be equipped with high-tech sensors to respond to the sense of touch, such as internal heating, etc., and will produce super-realistic physical dolls, equipped with a talking function and even know how to chat. To be sure, the tastes of different customers can be satisfied, but of course it also depends on the imagination and wallet of the customers.

Of course, there are also many sex doll companies in my country that are working hard to develop smart companion dolls equipped with AI. At present, they have smart functions for simple conversations, as well as movable eyes and limbs.

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