Sep 13, 2022

Sex Dolls Will Always Be With You

I've been single for a long time. I've often wished for a really good relationship. I was really disappointed. No matter how many women I marry, I always complain. My acquaintances have always said that I am an attractive and handsome man. I don't know why I didn't want to work with women. One night when I was alone and depressed, my best friend asked if he could have a beer with his friend. At first I was skeptical. Because I left the world of women. A few weeks ago an acquaintance told me I could buy a Ai Robot Sex Doll to help fight loneliness. It hurt me deeply, but at the same time I forgave him. So I agreed. Maybe his companion was nice.

After the sex doll arrives

A few minutes later the woman was sitting with me in the living room. My companion received an urgent call shortly after I dropped her off at my place. He was ready to go and had to go to work. Then I realized that I was sitting on the sofa with a pretty FJ Doll. She looked really hot. Her roots are in Asia. You can see it. That didn't bother me because I like women like that. The way she sits with wavy brown hair and the way she looks at me with brown eyes. It was fantastic. I liked this sex doll made of TPE material right away. You probably think you don't want to be your wife anymore.

Adlut Love Dolls

So I stroked her curly hair and she slid onto the sofa. The cute kimono slides down and the beautiful lingerie shines. Now I'm really hot and in overdrive. Without realizing it, I opened her kimono and put it on her shoulders. So this Japanese sex doll was just a lingerie for me. Her black lingerie glittered at me. There was nothing more for me to understand. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to see this hot girl naked.

Have a sex with real doll

As we kissed, I carefully undid her bra. Then I tugged the little black ribbon around her feet. It was here that I felt the desire of this woman for the first time. I knew that despite playing the shy girl next door, she could be a wild partner for hours. This versatility sets me apart. Finally she stood naked in front of me. She gave me her sweet breasts. Of course, this JY Doll was equipped with a D cup. I thought it was really cool. I loved the pants. I gently began to caress her breasts. Why haven't you heard from your colleagues before? Buying a sex doll is not bad advice. This true love hot sex doll almost got me hooked. I touched her with my tongue and kissed and kneaded her perky breasts at the same time. Her hard nipples felt great.

I finally wanted more. I wanted to know what her pussy looked like. So I spread her legs. She looked so smart. I knelt between her spread thighs and saw a wet cat. She was a little hairy. Some brown pubic hair curled around her privates. When she stimulated her clit with her middle finger, she immediately shuddered. It was divine. I was hot enough now. I wanted to squirt and have an orgasm with this real sex doll. So I pulled my pants down and knelt between her legs. I thrust into her gently. She was soft, her skin was soft and real. That particularly turned me on. This girl doesn't feel exhausted yet. She really was a virgin. It was great having sex with her. After reaching my climax, I snuggled naked against her. It was the best sex I've had in a long time.