July 15, 2021

The difference between sex dolls and airplane cups

The appearance of TPE sex doll and airplane cups has brought a lot of experience to male friends, especially for men who live in two places or are single so far. With their help, they seek a lot of physical enjoyment and pleasure. So, is it better to have love dolls or airplane cups? Insiders gave some opinions.

Is it better to a adult sex doll or an airplane cup?

These two artifacts are good helpers for men, and the difference between the two can be distinguished from the following aspects.

1. At the same price, the airplane cup experience is far better than the sex doll experience. Some high-end airplane cups have special treatment methods for the genitals. For example, the genitals are relatively moist, and some are also designed with vibration, suction, rotation, etc., to bring users a new experience.

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2. Excluding the price factor, the real doll experience is better. In contrast, Full size sex dolls provide users with a more intuitive experience. Users can find pleasure by touching the breasts and private parts of the love doll. Because of its small size, the airplane cup cannot achieve intuitive effects, and can only provide customers with an experience that pursues pure physical enjoyment.

3. From an operational point of view, the operational flexibility of the airplane cup is better than that of a adult sex doll. Compared with the shape, the shape of the airplane cup is much smaller than that of the custom real doll, which improves the flexibility of operation. At the same time, some airplane cups also use automation technology, which can reach the "climax" without hands-on.

4. Comparing the workmanship, as the manufacturing process continues to mature, the workmanship of the airplane cup and the real size sex doll is very exquisite. Both are made of safe and odorless silicone or TPE materials, making the process of sexual intercourse extremely comfortable. However, the workmanship of the realistic sex doll is far more complicated than that of the airplane cup, and its sense of value and practicality is higher.

Therefore, both have their pros and cons, and users with different spending power will have different choices. Before buying, you can experience human love dolls and airplane cups yourself. Of course, you can also log in to the OkSexDoll website to check the user experience and provide a basis for purchase.