Aug 24, 2021

Love Doll Is Unique

My love for myself, and here at, tells our blog readers how a life with a real mannequin not only changes everyday life forever, but also its special topic. I made it clear that I changed it to. Love that goes far beyond technical level dialogue. Humans (and sometimes love dolls) have souls and spirits, and dolls always move people at this level, so their technical treatment will always be only part of this world.

But our special way of life is just a way of life together. He is not valid for all the ways of life of realistic sex doll friends, and certainly not universally. Of course, even if our blog post showed in great detail and detail what this would be, it was still his only personal path.

Mass media represents only one type of love doll lover
Especially in the mass media, some images of these people have been conveyed. In this way, I wanted (and sometimes had to) experience love and sexuality in different ways. This picture corresponds to me and my love doll and how to live as a human being. We two have a real relationship and we see each other as partners. Of course, this kind of approach was controversial and was particularly appealing to the media as it tended to highlight these provocative themes. But that's not the global reality of this scene!

In this blog post, I think it's a good time to reiterate that this scene isn't just made up of such enthusiasts. Some consider the doll to be a pure sex doll, others love the doll if they don't live their fantasies, others enjoy the kindness and beauty, but she doesn't see it in her soul, but just remains a doll. is. The world of love doll lovers is as colorful, wide and very individual as society is usually. Dolls are no exception.

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It's surprisingly clear that there are so many different ways to love TPE sex doll, especially as there are people who love them in the forums. There may be diverse groups with specific styles and specific intimacy, but their exact form and processing are still very individual.

This blog is not the world of love dolls
Therefore, anyone interested in real love dolls or outsiders should not rely too much on the ratings of this blog (and my loved ones). You should look around the forums to see how people treat their dolls very differently. You should understand that love dolls are not just about "people of this kind". It's not just about appealing to those who have never had the opportunity to have a happy relationship with a woman and have never found a way to replace RealDoll and become lonely. You should see who else jumps into this world and why it is individual.

Our blog will surely have the forbiddenness of many readers and perhaps the prejudice against the love of mini sex doll. Maybe he also confirmed other prejudices. who knows. But he is not the truth about his love for love dolls. It's not a forum either. The truth doesn't exist here. There are only people who have bought or want to buy a doll for personal reasons.

This blog is just one part of it. Therefore, do not rate it as too high. He is an attempt to express the individual ways of love doll friends, no more, no less.