July 22, 2021

What are 10 Reasons Why Real Dolls are Better Than Real Girls?

For those who are considering buying realistic sex doll instead of looking for a girlfriend. do not worry. No problem at all, and you are not alone. I tell you 10 reasons why love dolls are better than real girls.

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Lover dolls are much cheaper than real girls

It costs money to bring a real girl home. Expensive cafes, restaurants, bars, gifts...no dolls. The price of the doll is high at first glance, but in general it is much more cost-effective than a real girl. If you are considering low-priced dolls, we recommend TPE dolls.

Avoid wasting time looking for your favorite girl

It is very difficult to find the type of girl you like in real life. Some people use dating apps, but it's still not easy to meet the ideal girl. The photos on the app are perfect, but when I actually meet them, I often say "...". Even if you can meet, how likely is it to be rejected? Please consider carefully. Girls are cuter than dolls?

Love doll does not disturb your daily life

It is very difficult to understand a real girl. They are as difficult to handle as the creatures from Mars. But the love doll will not do that. He always smiles quietly and accepts you.

Custom sex dolls will never betray you

Many men dream of having a lovely girlfriend. Even if you can finally get it with a lot of money and effort, in the worst case, it may be unreasonably shaken or transferred to another man.

Real dolls never do this.

I will obey you 100%. You are guaranteed to be your only girlfriend.

Love doll can't say no to you

Many women may lose interest in sex after giving birth or reject you because of work fatigue. But TPE sex dollwill not tell you no. If you want her to say something or cosplay tonight, Doll will do her best.

Real dolls have no chance to get pregnant

If you don't want to have children, dolls are great.

Don't worry about premature ejaculation

Many men now suffer from premature ejaculation. In your relationship with women, you may suffer psychological pain. But Aiwa will not look down on you and thank you more than anyone else.

Don't worry about venereal diseases

You can also use dating apps or sex shops to socialize with real women. However, the risk in this case is infectious venereal disease. Your own doll will never transmit STDs to you. The doll is completely safe and clean. It is also recommended for men with phobias.

Not only can heal the body, but also the mind

If you are under a lot of pressure in your daily work, you just want beautiful girls to listen to your complaints quietly. However, when it comes to going to a girls’ bar or song and dance club, you may be told that you don’t want to ask a cute girl because it costs a lot of money. Love dolls are different. His cute face sits patiently, listening to you, always by your side.

Sex dolls are more beautiful than any girl I have ever seen

Everyone likes cute and stylish girls. A doll can realize such a dream. Skin tone, breast size, hairstyle, eye color...you can choose whatever you like. If it is free, it can be replaced. Is there a better girl in the world than a sex doll?

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