July 22, 2021

I Bought A New Love Doll, An Asian-style Sex Doll

So far, I am very satisfied with my life. This means I have my career. My love life is going well. I had a girlfriend until a few months ago. Now that she has moved, I am alone with the computer and working papers. What I miss most is sex. It's really good for me to meet a woman, but I don't have time. In the past few days, my sex life has changed. I bought a love doll. I want to tell you how this happened.

Ideas for a wet and vibrant night

Unfortunately, I hardly have time at work to walk around with my friends. Sometimes it takes time. So my friends and I felt refreshed again in the bar on Saturday night. I may drink a little too much. Anyway, I got out of the car and walked home. This state passed the sex shop. An inflatable doll was released. I think the realistic sex doll is just right for me. When I need them, I can put them in the corner without asking for them. Most importantly, she stayed in the corner. The next day, when I could think more clearly, my imagination was busy with this idea all day.

But I definitely don't want to go back to the sex shop. After all, no one needs to know my sex life. Of course, I can also order love dolls anonymously on the Internet. It didn't take long for me to find it online. I wonder if I can call the store here? I cannot fully understand the different forms of women. I quickly realized that I didn't want an inflatable rubber doll. These are cheaper, but not entirely true. Love for real dolls should look as real as possible.

Suddenly, I met her. I know this is my sex doll, I must own it. This is an Asian-style true love doll. It immediately reminded me of my vacation in Thailand. There, I had sex with a Thai woman, and this sex doll is very similar to that woman. Within a few minutes, I ordered my live sex doll online. The important thing for me is to be able to bear the pubic hair of the love doll. The delivery time of my doll is 24 days. I think the time is not that long.

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Waiting for my real love doll to arrive

I marked the agreed delivery date in red on the calendar and asked for more holidays. In the morning, the deliveryman delivered the doll to our house. The packaging is neutral and safe. I couldn't wait to finally hold the real doll in my hand. I opened the box and it was there. I really love the doll, all naked. But I want to change this as soon as possible. I also bought clothes that suit her. This TPE sex doll that matches the Asian appearance has beautiful black hair and perfect breasts.

I like to help real dolls put on clothes quietly. I noticed that this excites me. I can't stand it anymore and want to have sex with her right away. But before that, I made tea for both of us. I bought a Japanese tea set in an Asian shop. I like to drink tea with my love doll first, and then talk to her about the idea of ​​having sex. As everyone knows, expectation is the most beautiful joy, so I enjoy this ceremony very much. Then I took off my sex doll and brought her to the bed. The doll is very flexible, so I can test different positions. I lie on my back and let the doll sit on us, and we love each other in this position. Then I lay on her and took a real love doll in the missionary position.

Test all openings

I was very excited on the first day, and I immediately reached orgasm. So I have no chance to try a real love doll. Two days later, I want to make up for it. True love doll is now a frequent visitor on my bed.

What I ordered is the standing version of the doll. Not only can she settle down in my apartment, but I can stand and try some attractive poses with her. For example, I like to take away women from behind. The mini sex doll has a strong skeleton, even if there are strong bumps, she can keep her body. I put the doll on the table and stretched her legs a bit. It's nice to see her vagina. Now I entered her from behind. I imagine a woman groaning from my impact. It's more realistic here, because my imagination must help.

I not only tried her vagina in the same position, but also changed my mouth and pierced Aiwawa’s anus. This is a new experience for me, because my girlfriend is not keen on anal sex.

The last opening is her mouth. I like the 69th oral sex. For this reason, I laid a carpet on the floor to make your stay comfortable. It didn't work immediately because I had to rethink it. I had to take over this part because sex dolls cannot act alone. It worked immediately, at least as interesting as my girlfriend. Then I let my new partner and I take a break.

From these lines, I think it's obvious that I am very excited about my new girlfriend. I will buy this love doll many times.