Storage Methods Of Real Life Sex Dolls From Customers

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Welcome to! If you are looking for a high quality sexual realistic sex doll that feels like a real woman, then you have come to the right place. We are the best sex dolls shop, we have a unique selection of all kinds of luxury lifelike sex dolls that are designed to look and be the woman of your dreams. High quality and free shipping, directly from the factory.

Here, our goal is to help shoppers find the best silicone and TPE dolls for their needs at a fair price and from a reliable source. Not only does the remote get free, but it is also very discreet since we never mention"sex doll" or whatever in relation to the issue about the package. Your neighbors or your mailman will not notice anything. It is usually done by express air transportation with FedEx or UPS. The question that may be doubtful is how to store real life sex dolls. Don't worry, this article will introduce you to one of the ways to store fucking a sex doll.

Storing sex toys under the bed is usually the first option for most people, since people are much less likely to explore under their bed than anywhere else. For example, people can enter their closet, through their personal belongings and in their bedside cabinets, but the chances of moving things from under their bed are slim. This is the best way to hide adult sex dolls under your bed.

Storing Methods Of Lifelike Sex Dolls From Our Customers

In order to better choose the storage method, this is the way we collect our customers' storage sex dolls. If you decide to hang your wrist, DO NOT let your feet hang. I suggest that if you are going to store it vertically, stand up and rest it against a wall with a padding between the wall and her.

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I made some space in the closet, placed a stool with a soft cushion and she sits on it when I leave. It's easy to get in and out because I only have to lift it about two feet from the stool to a swivel chair. There is some foam on the floor of the closet to cushion your feet and a small bucket of silica gel to absorb moisture (the fact that I have to empty it once a week shows how much moisture is in what appears to be dry air) . I air the closet every day.

I don't like hooks. To start, you have to take your head off, which I don't like to do. Then they place a massive tension on a very small joint at the base of the neck. The foot option would be nice, but as the joints will loosen, it will not be permanent, since in the end your knees will bend under the weight. And forget about having a big Japanese sex doll in a box or chest. They are so heavy that they cannot be taken out of the box without a hoist. In addition, the cardboard box will absorb moisture and a sealed box will not have air flow, since either would endanger the wrist.

Why not let sex doll feet hang?

If you let your feet hang, the greatest strain will be placed on sex doll neck joint. By placing your feet on something, at least reduce that tension. Imagine that you are going to pull up. The bar is low enough so that you grab it and your arms are straight and your feet are on the floor. Now, bend your knees and you will feel very different. Make sense? You can also store in a sitting position. I would suggest that there is no TPE in contact with the chair, especially with her but under the thighs.

In fact, there is no perfect way to keep your love doll. How to store your sex doll depends on what is convenient for you. For example, if you have a storage room, it may be your best option to put it in the storage room. It depends entirely on yourself. If you have more questions about lifelike sex dolls, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are very happy to help. You solve the problem of sex dolls, after all, we are professionals!

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