July 16, 2021

Standing Sex Doll VS No Standing Doll

Standing type is a doll that can stand and is the most popular type of realistic sex doll. Three (very small) metal bolts are installed on the bottom of the standing feet. It looks a bit unsightly, but considering that you can enjoy standing, it’s not a big deal. You can make your real doll stand for a short time for shooting, hugging or storing. However, if you remove your eyes, it is very dangerous, so don't let the love doll stand in time. It may tip over and be damaged (if supported properly, it doesn't matter).

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The most suitable standing scene for life-size sex dolls

When you want your love doll to take pictures
When you change your love doll to stay upright
When you take care of your love doll
When you move your love doll
When you want your love doll to wear shoes. (If you have high heels, get support)
When you want to have sex in a standing position;

You may have questions

Q: Are standing feet the same size as normal feet?
A: The size is the same. I just put in bolts to reinforce it.

Q: Can I wear high heels?
A: You can wear high heels, but it will be difficult to find the center of gravity while standing. Recommend flat shoes. For high heels, get good support to balance your love doll.

Q: Which Aiwa has a standing foot option?
Answer: All love dolls over 1 meter tall can order the standing foot option.

Q: What kind of doll is standing?
Answer: Except for mini sex doll and torso, all dolls can be ordered standing up.

What are the standing options for real sex dolls?

For the standing foot option, three (very small) metal bolt heads protrude slightly from the sole of the foot. In our opinion, this small visual sacrifice is worthwhile. You can stand the doll for a long time for photography, closeness or storage. However, unless you are under supervision, do not let the doll stand on its own. The doll may fall and be damaged (unless it is properly supported).