July 21, 2021

Amazing Upgrade From Real Dolls to AI Sex Dolls

When it comes to dolls, many people think of real die-cast WM dolls made in China. This doll is more common. It used to be inflatable dolls, now there are silicone love dolls and TPE love dolls. The silicone type tpe body of the first-class mold doll is nothing to fuss about, but why does it cause heated discussions among the people in the fence? What is the difference between his doll? The customer said: Very realistic.

In order to make this doll simulation doll look like a real person, the manufacturer adopts real-life die-casting technology to produce beautiful and generous dolls that meet the requirements of users. The skin of the first-class love doll that looks like a real person is very similar to that of a real person, and it feels very delicate and smooth.

The look of the love doll is not fake at all. If you don't look at the first reaction carefully, it seems that everyone is a real person. The sculpture on the head is a waxy silicone head, and the body is cast by a real person. It has a sexy and attractive appearance. The design is the same as the real person, the beautiful figure is very moving, the perfect figure of the goddess, the figure of the golden ratio.

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Many people think that a real die-cast realistic love doll looks exactly like a real person, but if you don’t speak, it won’t work. When I got home, I didn't have any communication or feelings. In addition, after the fresh period, it is not fun to play. Customers said they all hope these dolls are smart. As for smart dolls, I think many customers prefer dolls that can interact with them, but in the short term, it is difficult to achieve real dolls and full artificial intelligence at the same time.

Many people think that AI sex dolls are large robots, but this technology has been realized not long ago, but the new female robot developed by a Japanese research company has become very popular. The beauty robot is made of silicone material. It is a very realistic robot, which can be called a robot love doll.

This "wife" robot is said to not only wash clothes, but also cook, but also speak to relieve boredom. It is loved by nerds. It is very beautiful, sexy and charming, and it is first-rate. So, after it was released in Japan, it has been loved by young Japanese people, but how many people in the United States are interested in this "wife robot"?

Objectively speaking, from a real point of view, Japanese "wife" robots are inferior to real die-cast dolls. In terms of intelligence, it is not a smart doll, but choosing real die-casting parts is the first choice for more domestic customers. Do not choose Japanese "wife" robots. From the perspective of reliability and cost-effectiveness, robot dolls can be started by everyone, and customers may be affected. Japanese "wife" robots are good, but they are too expensive and impractical. He also told the idiot that he would try various dolls when he was rich, and wait until he was rich.

At present, such real-life model dolls are not yet intelligent, but we are looking for more realism and vividness. It is not difficult to imagine how real-life model dolls will become intelligent.