Aug 01, 2022

Master The Principles Of Sex Doll Pronunciation!

Add a moan or sound system to your sex doll, and you'll finally be happy to have a doll that can talk or moan to you. A sex doll sound system upgrade is an excellent option if you plan to upgrade your doll and make it more realistic.

The sound/moan system is very popular with doll owners and definitely worth every penny you spend. However, not all sex doll brands offer a similar sound or moan system. Some manufacturers only offer a moan option, while some have designed dolls that even accept voice commands and use motion sensors to further enhance the user experience.

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In this guide to sex doll sound systems, we'll try to answer the most common questions related to BBW Sex Dolls sound/complaint features.

How does the sound system work?

Most sex dolls have audio equipment directly mounted on their heads. The sound mechanism is manually controlled via a switch/button. Once the doll is squeezed and you touch or move it, it will moan. This is achieved through motion sensors installed in the doll.

Some AI dolls can also answer and answer your questions like a normal human. The love doll audio system has a built-in rechargeable battery, which requires an external power supply to charge.

What are the different functions and controls for the sound system?
Most baby moaning systems are easy to use and have no complicated features. These are the four main components of a Big Boobs Sex Doll sound system:
On/Off switch
Adapter with input chord (provides low voltage)
microphone picks up sound
electric speaker

Where does the sound come from? Where are the speakers?

Most brands have a sound mechanism installed on the head of the doll. Sound systems of well-known brands such as SINO, Ai-TECH, WM Dolls, OR Dolls, YL are installed on the doll head. This ensures that the sound looks like a doll's mouth. On the other hand, the AS puppet system is located on the puppet's torso, very close to her neck.

How to charge the sound system?
Charging the doll sound system is very easy with the help of charging chords. You can plug the power cord into any outlet and the internal battery will charge. The strings provide low voltage/current to the female system, ensuring the doll is safe to touch while charging the audio system.

Where is the charging plug?
As shown below, the most realistic doll charging port is located on the head of the sex doll. You just plug in the charging cable and start charging. AS Teen Sex Dolls have a charging socket on their moaning device. The device should be removed from the body when charging.

Does the sound system have backup batteries?
Most sound systems use rechargeable batteries that you can charge using the power cord. Sound system batteries are known to take hundreds of charge cycles to replace.
Are the sounds pre-installed or can I upload custom audio?
Most moan-only sex dolls have pre-recorded sounds. Chanting is installed in different languages. The most common sounds are English, French and Chinese.

AI-Tech Real Doll is good at learning any voice and interacting with any user. Just connect your AI tech puppet to the internet and you can let it learn any sound you want. This is a very attractive feature, and doll owners love AI technology because it provides such a powerful upgrade.

Can you adjust the volume of the chanting system?
No, this feature hasn't appeared on any sex dolls yet. For the latest updates, please contact our customer service.
What are the precautions for using dolls with sound systems?
Make sure the head and neck of the doll are free of moisture. Do not splash water on the charging port or buttons.

Do not move the doll while the power cord is plugged in and the system is charging.
Do not bathe with dolls.
If you want to take the doll to the shower, make sure the charging port is properly sealed.
Do not immerse the head of the doll in water and keep the doll upright.
Handle the doll gently to avoid squeezing or bumping the head.
Do not place heavy objects on the doll's head.