July 21, 2021

Alternative Uses for Sex Dolls

Will people spend money to buy realistic sex doll and use them for other purposes? At first, this may be as unbelievable as the old saying that people buy magazines "for articles." Honestly, this did happen. Most of the love dolls we sell are for sexual purposes, but some customers have some creative ways to use sex dolls.

Real human sex dolls for adult sex education

to be frank. Your health teacher can show you many things. When it comes to sex mechanisms to make your partner (or yourself!) happy, most of us rely on trial and error. If you are lucky, someone will show you one or two things.

Not everyone is so lucky. Imagine that a heterosexual adult becomes a heterosexual adult who you have never seen naked. Imagine that you know little or nothing about how to put on a condom or insert a diaphragm. It does not even involve the working methods of various sexual activities.

This is the reality of many adults. Those who are highly trained, or just very shy, may have never dated or had sex. This is really a problem when they start dating or getting married.

There is a good solution for this. Our life-size sex dolls and the various body parts we sell are perfect for sex education. Sex therapists can use them for teaching. Couples can try them before trying real things! I think this is great. I like the idea that love dolls make people feel confident about sex.

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Sexy sex dolls used in art projects

Artists with different creative methods use sex dolls many times in their projects. A few years ago, the actor used a TPE Love dolls to create a carnival when talking about the so-called behind-the-scenes disgust that occurred during the filming of an unreasonable rebellion.

He is not alone. The artist photographed a sex doll. His art aims to explore human emotions. I think his photos are very beautiful.

I think there is a very beautiful real doll that works well in art installations. You can imagine a particularly bold artist making a performance on the love doll. A gorgeous doll like Destiny will be perfect. Her classic appearance and ebony skin are absolutely stunning.

how about you? Have you ever used one of our sex dolls in a cool or thought-provoking art project? Please take a look. Send us your photos and videos!

Custom TPE sex dolls for personal protection

No, one of our real dolls will not become a superhero in trouble. Nonetheless, they can still be used to help you feel safer. How did they do it? this is very simple. People who travel alone are more susceptible to harassment. There is a potential solution to this. Travel with your Dutch wife and create the illusion that you are not alone.

There is no guarantee that this will work, people need to take other precautions, but doing so can give you peace of mind.

Used for gag gifts

What can the best man do to give the groom a beautiful bully and leave a wonderful story for everyone? What is the perfect adult white elephant Christmas gift? The answer is mini sex dolls.

I don't think our love dolls should be used for this purpose, but gag gifts are definitely a popular alternative to sex dolls. In fact, it is a bit classic. Nevertheless, he said he saved the real doll and joked with cheap fake mannequins.

Tell me what you are thinking!
Have you ever seen someone use sex dolls in ways not listed here? please tell me! We are always looking for great photos and stories from our readers.