Sep 13, 2022

Who Are The Potential Customers Of Sex Dolls?

By 2021, adult products will play an increasingly important role. Many people have their own preferences when it comes to the existence of realistic FJ Doll. One of the favorites of some men is undoubtedly the realistic doll. Such realistic toy dolls have always been popular with men because they are easy to store, resemble real women and can be interacted with in many ways. However, there are different categories of love dolls. Upon closer inspection, one finds the existence of different categories in this large family quite interesting.

Most people despise people who use adult sex dolls

I often hear sarcastic comments like, "Yes, he uses a Love Doll. I'm sorry" or "I'm a nerd because she can't do that crap in the real world". i have to do this

I'm sure many of you have heard such terrible words. But, is this really the truth? If I use a love doll, should I be despised, underestimated or criticized? I don't think so at all. Because I believe that people who use sex dolls are the best in the world.

Young Love Doll

I used to be a bad communicator. I've had dozens of dates with her, but not only did they not end well, they brought back painful memories. As a child I developed a pathological emotional psychology for family reasons. So I became a very insecure person. I couldn't believe it because if she could do it, so could I. This left the possibility of parting if all possible problems could not be solved in the end.

I have a very strong sex drive and that's one of the main reasons I looked for her. In addition, she has had sex with her in the past. It's terrible, but I can't take it. At this rate I thought it was all over. At the same time, I had completely lost the ability to truly love anyone.

Love Doll solved my psychological problems

In those desperate days, I came across an online store called Sexpuppenetz that offered all kinds of love dolls. I immediately bought a Ai Robot Sex Doll that looked exactly like the one I was with. There were also very cheap sexdolls in mail order. It was strange to get such a beautiful, beloved doll for less than €3,000.

I've never had a human friend since then. I've hurt a lot of girls, but I don't want to do that anymore. No one can forgive themselves for the damage their mental health problems have done to other people.

So from the beginning I have respected people who use miniature sex dolls. There are countless of these real-world doll users who don't want to confront each other with painful and distressing memories. It is no longer necessary to answer the question of how good a man who uses a love doll is, but a trashy man who dates many society women at the same time and cannot get his heart.