July 16, 2021

The maintenance of love dolls

The long-awaited sex doll finally got...

This is not a cheap purchase. How to take care of your realistic sex doll without damaging the real doll?

There are some points in dealing with adult sex dolls, so you need to learn how to take care of them.

Here are five tips.

1. Carefully unpack the love doll

Brand new real dolls usually have a little stiff limbs. After moving for a period of time, Aiwa will recover its elasticity.

Therefore, it may be difficult to remove the sex doll from the box, so if you don't need the box, we recommend that you cut the box carefully and take it out gently.

If you need a box, put the doll in the box in a sitting position, then grab her armpit and lift it up gently.

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2. Don't bend or stretch beyond the possible range

TPE sex doll have their limitations, just like real girls.

Stretching your arms and legs and bending your hips are okay to some extent, but if you feel limited, stop doing more.

If you exert more pressure, it will definitely hurt you.

Real dolls either break their skeleton or tear their skin.

If this happens, it will be difficult to repair at home unless you send it to a repair shop.

3. Please do not leave the love doll in an unfamiliar environment

I think Aiwa will assume the posture you want, but keep it in a natural posture, such as sitting, lying or standing.

If the storage location is unreasonable, it may cause damage.

Dog pose is the most vulnerable. It will put a lot of pressure on the mini sex dolls's knees and may tear the doll's knees.

If you want to maintain this position, place a blanket or pillow under the doll's legs.

4. Don't put the real baby face down

This is a very bad attitude.

It will put a lot of pressure on the doll's chest, face and knees. In the worst case, the chest will deform and the knees will avoid it.

Even for a short period of time, this posture is not recommended.

5. Use a chair with wheels to move the love doll

The love doll is heavier than you think.

Especially for beginners, the heavier the heavier, the more difficult it is to control.

Therefore, we recommend buying sex dolls weighing less than 30 kg first. With this weight, even beginners can handle it with a certain size and weight.

Nevertheless, you still need a chair with a vehicle to move around. This makes it easier to move around.

what do you think. Please refer to it when buying first love dolls.