Sep 13, 2022

Sex Doll Industry In Post Epidemic Era

In the past two years, after the coronavirus outbreak. The world has been changed, and the present society has become a new world that we never thought of. Any combination of elements has become possible, for example, Futuregirl Doll, sex robots and virtual worlds have become the core of our daily life.
Virtual world and metauniverse?

Even before Mark Zuckerberg's 81 minute video discussion, the world had slowly learned more about the virtual world and its significance for the future of human interaction. Creating a computer simulation environment in which people can participate in public activities and communicate with others more effectively is beckoning.

TPE Silicone Sex Dolls

Metauniverse is especially described as the successor of mobile Internet. With the emergence of emerging technologies such as cryptocurrency, virtual reality hardware, NFT and the next generation game platform, it will be exciting to see what these developments mean for the Love Doll world.
In addition to developing high-tech sex dolls, we also envision an open and proud environment to conduct sexually active conversations and experiments around the relevance of sex dolls and robots to humans. By simplifying payment with cryptocurrency, the purchase of sex toys will be as simple as ever. Importantly, it is very confidential.

Do we want to touch and feel?

Will the pandemic open people to the idea of owning and using sex toys? Well, these figures support this idea. People who used to be hesitant and uncertain about whether to accept the "new" lifestyle are now proud owners of love dolls.
You see, after the WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic, most countries in the world implemented and enforced a blockade. People are required to work from home. More importantly, restaurants, clubs and major sports events were postponed. As a result, orders and enquiries soon appeared in record numbers because of the possibility of staying at home for several months. We must expand our workforce and maximize ourselves to meet unforeseen needs.
In general, the epidemic has changed people's stereotypes and inherent prejudices, and made them more open and receptive to dolls and Robot Sex Dolls. Even after the coronavirus pandemic, we believe that people will not give up their love for sex toys and robots, and even this enthusiasm will rise.
The heat of sex dolls will disappear with the disappearance of the coronavirus
It would be naive to think that the pandemic is over. Of course, the development and promotion of vaccines will help, but this does not mean that trade and population exchanges between countries are smooth. After all, the virus can still be infected after vaccination. But the trade of sex dolls has not been greatly impacted!

Fortunately, in the past 15 months, we have been in good condition, and with the progress of technology, the quality of sex toys and robots will only improve. What better way to prepare for potential blockade and social isolation than to buy a doll?
Therefore, even after living with the coronavirus for nearly two years, sex dolls will continue to remain relevant to the future. In fact, we predict that people will now turn to more advanced and realistic sex robots to satisfy their endless desire for happiness.
Technology age and sex robot.

As previously emphasized, this pandemic is one of the turning points for sex doll suppliers. The large increase of orders makes the manufacturers have to hire more people to help handle large orders and inquiries in addition to working around the clock. This unprecedented rapid growth in sales has triggered healthy competition among sex doll manufacturers, pushing the doll technology and sex doll industry to the limit. In order to surpass their competitors, manufacturers adopt the latest technology to attract consumers who are not only looking for sex, but also those who are eager to accompany and feel lonely.
I think we are a lucky generation, just ready to experience the best things in the sex doll world with the virtual world, the meta universe and robots!

The epidemic is eye opening and may even be a blessing in disguise. The mandatory blockade and isolation measures did shake the industry, but ultimately played the largest role. It also makes people more open to change, which has played a positive role in the long-term stigmatized topic, making people more bold and open to talk about sex and recognition products. Therefore, in a future where health, sex and metauniverse are combined, I hope we can enjoy happiness there!