Feb 22, 2022

A Man Fell in Love With His Sex Doll

The real doll is modeled in 3D from a real person and has a very good appearance and figure. What should you do if your sex dolls is not being used for any purpose? The skeleton is inside the body of a real sex doll. You can't tell the difference at all.

When encountering people, the silicone on the love doll is cut off, exposing the skeleton. However, the skeleton quality of the official manufacturers is generally very good. I've never heard anything about skeletons. Generally speaking, silicone sex dolls have EVO skeletons, and those with skeletons can be expressed in a variety of ways. Generally, only very small dolls do not have skeletons.

Note that some boys can only reach a certain emotional level no matter how hard they try. This is a good example.

sex dolls

A handsome guy with a three-dimensional face actually broke into an adult product store and bought a real doll to comfort himself!

The man was walking down the street, smiling and very happy.

Every day he bathes the love doll, puts on his favorite clothes, eats with the doll, and talks to the real sex doll.

But a large-sized love doll can be a living person, something many singles dream of.

The handsome guy must be crazy to realize his dream!

This is about the movie "Love Doll".

In the film, the skinny sex dolls is said to be in the hands of a lost man, Xiao Mo, who gave the doll to a female soul. The exorcist says he must fall in love with the female ghost to get revenge, so Mo and the female doll embark on an unexpected love journey.