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Sexual Ability Of Robot Male Sex Dolls Comparable To Superman

The First Male Sex Robot Came Out

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on March 26, a few days ago, a sex robot named "Henry" came out, worth 8,000 pounds, he not only has "superhuman sexual ability", but also good at making fun of people.

The robot is 6 feet tall (about 1.83 meters), has a deep appearance and developed abdominal muscles. It can welcome his master to go home, discuss their favorite TV shows and movies with the owner, and even read romantic words in love poems or love songs. To win the hearts of the master.

This sex robot is a bit light

Henry weighs about 84 pounds (38 kg), is a bit light, and has no mechanical movement. His body is made of silicone and is constructed to conform to all aspects of anatomy. He has a robotic mind that allows users to interact with him through their iPad or tablet app.

“Have you been to Brazil?” The interviewer asked in the camera.

I used to talk to a lot of Brazilians," Henry replied. "My two leaders are from Brazil. ”

Japanese real sex doll

The price of this sex robot is between £8,000 and £11,000, depending on optional additional features. Henry is the world's first "companion" robot for women. Each of his parts can be customized to suit the needs, including the size and shape of his male organs, but the developer has not found a way to make this part completely robotic.

Matt McMullen, CEO of Henry's manufacturing company Realbotix, who is married from San Diego, Calif., announced the sex robot earlier this year, saying that Henry will be a "companion" for lonely women around the world.

The main duty of sex dolls is to accompany them

McMullen explained at the time: "Women are as lonely as men. People call them sex dolls, but their main role is to accompany them. In this computer world, people miss out on interpersonal relationships."

Realbotix has previously produced the controversial female sex doll "Harmony", which has dozens of replaceable parts that allow the owner to change the color, hair and even hip shape of the eye.

But Dr. Cathy O’Neil, a mathematician at Harvard Sexy, said that Henry is good for women and even men. She said: "Why don't you like smart robots? They may perform better in some ways than men, not just in the bedroom." "This may encourage men to get up and find what women really want." Something. If this robot can teach them to massage and dump garbage, it would be better."

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