Feb 22, 2022

A Marriage Between Humans And AI Robotic Sex Dolls

RobotSophia inventor Hansen said that by 2045, robots will have the same civil rights as humans and others. Robots are married.

The concept seems far-fetched today. As sex doll dealers, we dare to say that this direction is not far from the human era. The brand predicts that by 2035, robot sex dolls will surpass humans in every field. A global robot citizenship movement will also emerge in 2038.

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Japan has always been at the forefront of sex doll manufacturing and research, contributing to every aspect of humanity. To be fair, the sex dolls they make are getting more sophisticated. Check out some of the latest sex robots currently in development in Japan.

At the launch of new sex dolls in Tokyo, a number of technology companies displayed simulated intelligent sex dolls of different nationalities, which are almost realistic from any distance, and have particularly beautiful facial features.

Silicone sex dolls makers believe that some people like mature women, while others want to be beautiful in some way. When we deal with sex dolls, we become obsessed with our future wife or husband.