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7 Steps To Make A Sex Doll

If you are interested in realistic sex doll , or you are interested in the process of making dolls, you may find that there are not many search results.

The technique of making puppets is very complicated, and few people can fully understand it. Today I will introduce to you the production process of real doll. The entire manufacturing process can be roughly divided into seven steps.

1. Make doll mold

Making the mold is the first step in the doll making stage.

The shape of the mold is very important to the shape and size of the silicone sex doll . Professional designers need to draw drawings that meet their goals according to the scale of the human body and use the drawings to create corresponding models. Generally speaking, molds are specially designed, and all corresponding types of models can be manufactured.

This process requires designers to be familiar with market preferences and design accordingly. In addition, different masters designed unique dolls according to their own taste and aesthetics. By doing so, designers can create unique and attractive dolls and attract more customers for the company. This is the value of designers in this regard.

2. Doll skeleton

The bone structure of the doll is usually made of stainless steel, but instead of human bone, the whole body of the doll is made. The function of joints is similar to that of human bones, similar to the human body, and can assume a human-like posture. In order to improve innovation, many doll companies are currently designing and manufacturing new doll frames, focusing on improving weight and rigidity.

3. Match the skeleton with the made mold

After preparing the skeleton and mold, pair them, correctly assemble and maintain their desired position.

The mold and skeleton assembly process is a very delicate process. Problems in the assembly process will affect the overall quality of the doll, resulting in defects and deformation of the finished product, which can only be scrapped.

This process is very delicate and requires the utmost patience and care to ensure quality.

real sexy doll

4. Heating and preparation of TPE materials

In order to produce TPE materials, the raw materials must be accurately calculated, mixed according to the required proportions, and mixed evenly. The quality of TPE varies with the formulation of the product.

When all the materials are ready, start processing them. After the material is heated to about 200 degrees, the heated material is poured into the mold to gradually form a doll in the mold.

5. Cooling

Heating TPE requires high temperature, so the injection mold must be placed in coolant or rinsed with cold water for several hours.

After the cooling process, you need to manually open the mold and take out the doll, but the doll has not been created yet.

6. Trimming and smoothing

After the TPE sex doll is taken out of the mold, the following processing steps must be carried out manually to completely sell the doll.

The dolls just taken out of the mold have very rough edges and corners. Use sharp tools to smooth your feet, hands, neck and sides of your body to remove bumps and rough edges. The purpose is to create the appearance of a doll. More real and more beautiful. Put on nails and toenails and clean them thoroughly again. After drying, if there are no other defects, it can be coated with talcum powder to keep it smooth and dry to maximize customer satisfaction.

7. Make a doll head

The head and body of the doll are made separately because the head of the doll has more complex features than the body.

Making the head is very similar to making the body, the only difference is the use of different molds. After the doll head is made, a special makeup artist will apply makeup to the Japanese sex doll to make the doll look more sexy and charming. There are more head models than body models, and consumers have more choices in appearance. When leaving the factory, holes are punched between them and fixed with screws.

Finally, put the finished product in a dedicated dust collection warehouse, wrap it in plastic film and hang it up. When a customer places an order, the factory receives the goods from the warehouse according to the sample number and ships them in a reliable and safe box. Put a foam pad inside and wrap the doll with a blanket to protect all parts of the doll.

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