Aug 24, 2021

About The Facts of The Rise of Real Love Dolls

Men are afraid of women laughing at them, while women are afraid of men killing them. This is a famous quote from Margaret Atwood, a very good explanation of the tensions between men and women, especially relationships. From a male point of view, it is exactly because the ruthlessness, worship, and superficiality of women make the invention of love dolls logical. Reliable, submissive and always beautiful appearance, it's easy to fall in love.

Women are immeasurable, but those TPE adult love dolls are easy to understand, women leave the day, and these dolls are not, they are always the most loyal companions. Having a real love doll is not an unusual behavior. As love dolls grow more and more like real people, their inanimate features will bring them more benefits. For men who are unrelated or unrelated in real life, having a realistic sex doll may be a healthier lifestyle for them.

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And for many who have failed their love experience and are discouraged in love, the cruel impression of women is that most men experience it as an excuse to prefer their lover, the real love doll. As women's rights increase, the presence of real dolls offers another possibility for regaining men's rights. At least the presence of RealDoll can soothe men, reduce loneliness, and even reduce ridiculousness.

Most adult sex dolls are currently based on silicone or TPE love dolls. However, these two materials are easy to dye. Maybe one day, the next morning when you slept with a doll and found you badly dyed. Whether it's the clothes you're wearing for your doll or the clothes you're wearing, it's very possible to dye the body surface of a real love doll.

So is there a good way to make a sex doll look good in a short amount of time? Maybe you have tried shower gels, shampoos, olive oils and all the common detergents you have tried. But it still has no effect. But then I'll show you the magical way. There is no problem with oil-based markers and dyeing of clothes.

In fact, you can easily find them on Real Love Doll shopping sites, such as fade creams and mineral oils. But in addition to paying attention to its effects, the safety of using these chemicals for our human body cannot be ignored. So are these two things harmful to the human body? After all, dolls are the ones that our skin touches directly.

TPE love dolls are not effective with olive oil, TPE generally uses fading cream, and the principle of fading cream is to etch a layer of raw material on the surface of the TPE to dissolve the dyed area. .. It's destructive, so you need to make sure it's toxic. After all, it's a doll that comes into contact with the body. Avoid the use of toxic substances. However, mineral oil does not corrode.