Nov 18, 2021

What Is The Difference Between The Closed-eye Version Of The Sex Doll?

In married life, most women like to close their eyes and turn off the lights without opening them. Or it will blink at first, but the joy of happiness wakes up unknowingly and feels proud of itself. Even if the environment is not good, she will close her eyes and dream about the beautiful scenery. Therefore, the time for women to close their eyes in bed is different.

If you buy one or more realistic sex doll, both the glitter version and the closed-eye version are very good. It depends on personal hobbies. It is recommended to choose at least one closed eye. I think that is different.

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How long does the smart beauty robot take?

In this regard, the products, actual appearance, ideas and performance of the most important simple tasks are all developing in the direction of serving the people. Perhaps, in the not-too-distant future, although families have come out, there will be various leisure activities on intelligent robots. How the robots have evolved only a few years? The nanny and other cars will have a human-identified intelligent robot housekeeper. You can also get married, such as biochemical.

beautiful and beautiful girls, most people, such a good gentleman, obedient and dreamy WM doll, discovered that the real doll woman is not going to fight back, not a difficult counterattack. In recent years, silicone dolls have simulated more in the production process, not only the original functions of the intelligent system, but also a little shape. Simple conversations, eye movements, mouth opening and transactions are synchronized to achieve all sounds. Of course, in the name of the future, it will be close to intelligent robots.