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Are You Worried About The Dirt on The Feet of Sex Dolls?

Feet are important parts that support the human body to stand. realistic sex doll have various legs, so you can also stand. Of course, many people wonder, "Will the feet of a real doll get dirty after standing for a long time?" "What should I do if the feet of a sex doll are dirty?" What should I do if my leg is torn? Although these are common problems. Since love dolls are a family, even minor injuries are important to us.

What if the feet of my custom sex doll are dirty?

Don't believe in immature methods, such as using alcohol or gasoline for purification. Common sense people know that these things will corrupt your precious doll. Normal water is usually enough to clean it.

If it is dirty or dusty, wipe it with a damp towel and shower gel. If there are stains that cannot be removed by shower gel, use a cleansing oil to remove them. If the cleaning oil does not remove the stains, the Aiwawa may be stained. If the Aiwawa has a large area of ​​dirt, it is recommended to clean the Aiwawa directly in the bathroom. Lover dolls can withstand the temperature that human skin can withstand. TPE love dolls are sensitive to temperature, avoid high temperature (70 degrees and above) "disinfection". Because TPE materials will deform at high temperatures.

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How to repair the toes of realistic sex dolls?

The operation method is very simple. Apply the TPE sex doll repair solvent on one or both sides of the surface without surface treatment to make it adhere. It takes about 5-6 hours.

How to protect the legs of sexy sex dolls from dirt?

I recommend sex doll socks. However, it is recommended to choose light-colored cotton to avoid fading and staining of dark socks, and to keep the doll's feet clean. The love doll wearing silicone socks eliminates the fear of dirty feet.

The owner of the sex doll must be cleaned and washed. Deep and moist holes (separable parts of the body) allow bacteria to multiply and spread to the partner's body. Over time, bacteria will destroy the doll’s body, erase its structure, and weaken the beauty and clarity of the original face. If you don't wash it, you will feel bored, dull and uncomfortable during sex. Importantly, inaccurate sex doll cleanliness can adversely affect the life of the doll. We love her = love ourselves to keep the doll clean.

Although TPE repair solvent can help solve various problems. The daily maintenance of sex dolls is also very important. It is recommended to clean the disposable love doll every 2-4 weeks. This can extend the "life" of sex dolls.

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